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hardeepmeghera3169d ago

Sheesh. I swear if I hear the word 'Delayed' one more time! It's just ridiculous, why would you announce the update if you're not done with it.

Immorals3169d ago

It's alright, they'll just slap a 15 on the end and release it later this year at full price

hardeepmeghera3169d ago

Even so people like us still get it, year after year. We're all delusional I tell you. DELUSIONAL.

mrpsychoticstalker3169d ago

Are you f(:'/) :( kidding me. The world cup starts June, 12th and this game is delayed???????!!???

Immorals3169d ago

Then surely you have something to keep you entertained ;)

oKidUKo3169d ago

What an absolute joke, but I'd rather they delay it to fix whatever is up with it than give us broken DLC

SniperControl3169d ago

Maybe they should fix the Career parts of the game before putting out further bug ridden DLC, You know ea, the core part of the game.

What am i talking about, UT makes you more money than career mode, why would ea care about that.

lemoncake3169d ago

I dont care about this lame money grab mode.

mafiahajeri3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

It's for free genius.

lemoncake3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

Its so free ea makes $100 million a year on it....

mafiahajeri3169d ago

Yeah swing it like you meant it like that...

stellarpanda3168d ago

They make 100 million because idiots are willing to part with their money easily. You don't need to spend to play the game unless you have A.D.D want all the goodies now.

So yes its free.

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