Adriano signs for Pro Evo 6

It's becoming the norm now to invitie a big football player to front a title, and for Pro Evolution 6, renowned Brazil and Inter-Milan striker, Adriano will be the star of the game.

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TheMART5452d ago

Not for PS3? That's funny

neeharb5452d ago

Sony are now processing milk with nano tech ... it will find all xbox 360 jealous cells in Ps3 fans and destroy them ....and then will brain wash them in to more crap.... then you can throw the remaining milk in the ps3 console and it will give it more processing power better graphics .... loosers

kingboy5452d ago

can`t wait to see what this baby has to offer on the next gen level

Gamer135452d ago

This game will kill Fifa 2007 once it is release.

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