Gamepro Preview: Far Cry 2

Jungle shooting action rears its head again with Far Cry 2, the sequel to the popular 2004 PC first-person shooter, Far Cry.

While this new addition to the Far Cry series is considered a sequel, it actually has no story ties to the original game. This time we move from the lush Archipelago isles of Micronesia to the harsher terrain of the African jungles and savannahs. The African plains gives ample opportunity for a large world map (50 square km) and open world gameplay that departs from the more linear console versions that came before it.

The story follows the player as you make your way through the jungles in search of "The Jackal," an arms dealer who has a tyrannical grip on the area. Your mission: hunt The Jackal down and take him out. But, your target isn't your only problem. You are dropped down in this unforgiving landscape with a nice case of malaria which you must constantly keep in check throughout the game or risk death.

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I have to play this beautiful on my PStripple

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yeah.....first day buy for a lot of people