PlayStation Network Currently Holding a Rayman Sale

Although he isn’t as well known as some others, Rayman is one of the classic platforming characters. The core Rayman games are always good with providing a solid an enjoyable experience. Now, people who may not have played games that feature the limbless wonder can have a chance to do so thanks to the latest PlayStation Network sale.

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DualWielding1602d ago

sucks Legends for Vita is not included in the sale as thats the one I want

frelyler1602d ago

Legends is only 19.99 for the vita on amazon and Bestbuy will price match it.

MultiConsoleGamer1602d ago

PS controllers are perfect for the Rayman series.

higgins781602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

As every day passes the more and more I wish I hadn't traded my trusty PS3 in towards a day 1 PS4, my PS4 currently little better than a very expensive BBCiPlayer.

kreate1602d ago

go buy another one.
if u wanna be cheap, buy a used one from gamestop when they have a sale.
gives u like 5 games with the console.

higgins781602d ago

I'm not cheap - far from it, I bought own a PS4, Wii U and 3DS with a huge library of games (this gen), more and more consoles and games in previous gens. I'm just stating that (in my own experience) the PS4 has hardly hit the ground running and at present isn't faring much better...the best game due in the coming months is surely TLOU.

kreate1602d ago

I didn't disagree. nor do I think ur cheap.
but if u already have a ps4 and thinking back to ps3, mine as well buy a used one. than dump it again once ps4 becomes more useful and ps3 becomes useless.
im a cheap gamer myself though.

tamulmol1602d ago

Damn. i want one of these =(

rivencleft1602d ago

Too bad the PS4 version of Legends isn't on sale, would have bought it asap. May still pick up Origins for $10 for PS3, my son loves those games and I think they're pretty fun as well.