The Top 10 Best AAA Spin-Offs on iPad and iPhone

"There was once a time when mobiles were just telephones and primarily used to make phone calls. Nowadays, making a call is about the last thing on your mind when you pick up your smartphone. There is an endless supply of games to play when you’re out and about, away from your home console and its cheerful, disturbed (I’m looking at you Kratos) or at the very least, recognisable mascots.

The burgeoning iOS platform now plays host to its own collection of hapless heroes, but if you’re just dying to bring some of your favourite home console pals with you in your pocket, then check out our list of “Top 10 Home Console AAA Titles That Have iOS Spinoffs That Aren’t Just Straight Ports.”

Hmm… maybe we can think of a better title…" - Grab It

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SlappingOysters2711d ago

Makes me funny to read this list and how seriously some of the major companies take the mobile scene, given how platformist there audience tends to be about it.

CoyoteHunter2711d ago

Good list guys. I'm pretty sceptical when it comes to AAA franchises trying to recreate a smaller experience on mobiles. But, by and large, these titles you've listed seem pretty good. Didn't the Deus Ex title get rubbished in reviews though?

SlappingOysters2710d ago

I actually thought it reviewed quite well, but looking at Metacritic it seems to be a 7 - classic case of some love it some don't I guess.

Cookiebex2710d ago

Interested to try some of these. Thanks for the list guys. Anyone played Hitman Go? Not many talking about it on twitter or the like