Fansided: Watch Dogs Review

Fansided: Watch Dogs is a game that has a great concept, but fails to deliver that all-time great experience that will make it a game people talk about for years.

Ultimately, it’s a game that feels like Ubisoft spent more time worrying about the look of it rather than the gameplay. It felt rushed, and it plays like a game that wasn’t truly ready for release. And though I tried to look at the positives this game has, the negatives just put too much of a damper on it to thoroughly enjoy a game that, I feel, has a great story concept just waiting to be utilized by the right people. Right now, it’s simply a game that will wear out its welcome much sooner than many would’ve believed.

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vishmarx3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

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Sethry1013475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

This game might be far from perfect, but 5.5? Click bait, move on.

guitarded773475d ago

Yeah, seems most sites are going with the 7.5 - 8.5. Reviews aren't what ultimately sells me on a game, but they're good if I'm not 100% sure I want to spend my time or money on a game. I find that a general consensus among reviews is where the game usually deserves to be. There are always those variations, like this one, and I usually find they have little to offer.

I had Watch Dogs pre-ordered with my PS4 for launch, and was excited... now I'm just gonna wait for a price drop. I think it will be good, I'm just not as hyped as I was. I'm getting Mario Kart 8 instead this week. Nintendo has a promotion where you get a free game with it, so I figure it's the best bang for the buck right now, and I don't have as much disposable cash right now.

FayZ_3475d ago


2 Chainz - Yeah i'm different, yeah i'm different!

showtimefolks3475d ago

this game is a 7/10 not 5.5. But that's your opinion

rezzah3475d ago

And that's your opinion


showtimefolks3475d ago


no doubt, to each their own. gamers now a days will give everything a 9/10 because they spent their money and now want to look smart by only buying something that's a 9/10.

because anything below that line means no buy, there use to be a time when a game could get a 6.5-7/10 yet still could be a lot of fun.

every game can't be 9/10 and from what i have played of WD(10 hours in)this game isn't even a mid 8 so far. Its a new IP so it brings a lot of fresh ideas but some of these ideas need to evolve and better implemented. So the future is bright for WD's IP

also i love how UBI have so much confidence in Watch Dogs that they haven't allowed any of the big sites to do a review yet, if they are so confident than why not release the review a week or 5 days before the game comes on. EA didn't allow medal of honor review till release and very negative even though the single player of last medal of honor was excellent but with WD its gonna get a free pass

double standards

Neixus3475d ago

I buy games that seems interesting to me, the score is just a bonus.

For example, Destroy All Humans on the ps2 is one of the most fun games I've played even though it got mediocre scores, countless hours on it.

3-4-53475d ago

At some point gamers need to smarted up and realize a game isn't "trash" just because it's not a 9/10.

9/10 is like the all-star team. Not everyone makes it, but there are plenty who didn't make it who are still really good.

* Also just like in sports, sometimes players/games make the all-star team just on name alone, when the numbers they put up/gameplay, isn't up to par anymore, but still get considered the "best".

EX: Jeter & Shaq late in their careers.

5.5 though is definitely click bait.

From all I've read it's more like an 8.2/10 type of game.

Go look back on all the games you LOVED playing.

A lot of those are 6/10's, 7/10, 8/10 games.

brich2333475d ago

If u like GTA and saints row, u will like watch dogs.

higgins783475d ago

Not necessarily true. Those games (GTA and SR) have character, a sense of identity and purpose, Watch Dogs (sadly, I pre-ordered it) has little to none of this. Its like saying if you liked Bulletstorm you will like Battlefield...yes, both the same genres, 2 entirely different experiences, 1 good 1 meh.

brich2333475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

@higgins78 Well in watchdogs your character is like batman! And he does have a purpose, someone from his past is holding someone he knows hostage, and he is trying to rescue that person.

showtimefolks3475d ago


GTA is still the KING, houser brothers are the difference between watch dogs and GTA. also R* just know to do to open world better than others

saints row was good till SR2, than 3rd and 4th were just okay at best

watch dogs isn't a 9/10 but will get some of those scores, its more like a 7.5/10 but moving forward can get to high 9's and some 10's. As much fun as it is to play WD right now i am more excited about the future because i expect the same quality jump that we saw from AC1 to AC2

Skankinruby3475d ago

Please enlighten me what 'identity and purpose' gta has? There is absolutely nothing inspiring or even worth listening to about criminals who got a free break having a split conscience between relapsing or deciding to be civil human beings. Its quite insulting actually, and if watch dogs breaks free from this retarded stencil then anyone with half a brain will love it.

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rezzah3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

If you like the game or still want to play it then buy it, don't let numbers stop you.

punctualdork3475d ago

It's almost like people only look at reviews to validate their preexisting opinion of a game they're already intending to purchase.

It's not a great score. It's just someone else's opinion. Grow up.

OpieWinston3475d ago

Hope you'll ignore me as I down vote this website without bothering giving this review a hit. (They don't deserve it)

I've been playing Watch Dogs all day and it's AMAZING, Ubisoft Montreal delivered on what they promised with this game. And anyone with half a brain will see how awesome the gameplay mechanics overlap.

"Ultimately, it’s a game that feels like Ubisoft spent more time worrying about the look of it rather than the gameplay"

You didn't play the game....

fallacious3475d ago

Please everyone reading this don't open the link to their site. This is obviously just clickbait so don't give them any views.

Sethry1013475d ago

I read it with adblocker just to make sure the writer didn't have any good points (he didn't) I don't like speaking against something with out all the facts.
And the facts in this case are its just click bait!

GamingSinceThe80s3475d ago

Where are the review's from the real site's?

Bowzabub3475d ago

Disgruntled PC players. Consider the "sources". xD

starchild3475d ago

I totally agree with you, OpieWinston. This game has been getting irrational hate for over a year and I knew that the game would get some scores like this. You could just feel how some people were itching to bash this game.

Oh well. Doesn't change my opinion of it. Been playing it for the past two days and it's the most engaging game I have played in a long time. I just get lost in it, in a good way. And it keeps me coming back for more.

ThroatPunch3475d ago

BAHAHAHA is this a joke review? 5.5 stfu...

ginsunuva3475d ago

Did you play the game at the time of your comment?

ThroatPunch3475d ago

Yep, PS4 version going strong.

Koneesha3475d ago

Wow. Praise the game then give it five out of ten because you got away from the cops. OK?