Pokemon - Where will they go from here?

One of the writers at Middle of Nowhere Gaming has asked himself where Pokemon is going next with their series (in terms of the dynamics of Pokemon themselves, the legendary Pokemon, and the story line) and he has given his best answers. Do you agree with him? What's your opinion on the matter?

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Codewow1971d ago

Spend 5 years and some money and make the perfect pokemon MMO. Open world multiple paths to take, Team Rocket, Adventurous trainer, specific pokemon type trainer, Gym Leader. And more that I can think of over time.

Seriously, if done right with communication from the dev and community ongoing, this game could be absolutely amazing.

Codewow1971d ago

Augmented Reality goggles.

levian1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Honestly, the person who invents an electronic card stadium wins all the money.

Cards would need some kind of NFC, or even something as simple as a bar code on the back. There would be spots for all your card placements obviously. There would be one big LCD/LED screen in the middle that would pop up with the character of your card and all his attacks would show up in a menu a-la the Pokemon handheld game. All attacks would be fully animated.

I haven't played a card game since 7th grade, but I would probably get back into Pokemon/Yugioh/What ever the hell does this if the monsters were cool enough.

MylesOffTheMark1970d ago

I dunno if you've ever heard of the Pokemon Tabletop United roleplaying system, you should definitely check it out. I imagine that they could take that system and make one hell of an MMO.

OrangePowerz1971d ago

I think they should have started years ago do bring the full proper Pokemon games to home consoles instead of only handhelds and spin offs to the consoles. When I was a kid I remember that at home I always played Digimon or Jade Cocoon because I didn't want to play on the handheld at home and those games provided a very familiar experience. They could at least make another Pokemon Stadium game and this time use Skylanders like figures.

Summons751971d ago

I honestly doubt we'll ever see a home console pokemon outside of another pokemon Colosseum (maybe). Exclusive games like pokemon or professor layton are the reason why you'd want to own a handheld. Its what Sony needs to do for the vita. Pokemon saved the gameboy and is the front runner for all Nintendo handhelds they won't give that up and potentially compromise sales, they are to smart for that.

That being said I would like another Colosseum or Colosseum type game on the wiiu. The MMo idea would be interesting if done right on every level which would be difficult.

-Foxtrot1971d ago

Honestly an open world Pokemon game would be amazing

I mean look at Ni No Kuni, take that and reshape it into a Pokemon game and it could be amazing. The map when travelling and seeing the monsters in the world would be great if you put Pokemon in their place, hell even the battle system it has is pretty similar

Thing is though what kind of open world will they do. Will they keep it on a steady "linear" like they do on the handheld games or will it take on a Elder Scrolls/Fallout/GTA design and let you go anywhere you want.

It's a tough decision to make. Personally I would combine a bit of both but don't let us travel too far until we've unlocked or progressed in the story.

MylesOffTheMark1970d ago

You're definitely right. I agree on the bit about Jade Cocoon and Digimon too, I loved those games.

LightDiego1971d ago

Pokemon Snap 2, but now with a smartphone.

Summons751971d ago

Yes but no smartphone. Real camera >>>>>>>&g t; crappy cell phone camera.

BlackWolf1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Sorry dude, but you wouldn't get the same thing with a smartphone. The camera can do it's job a millions times better than the replication a digital, smartphone-mounted camera does.

Going from a camera to a smartphone for photographic work is just a downgrade.

levian1971d ago

For something as simple as Pokemon Snap, I think it would suffice. The picture on most phones now is insanely high quality, and the only time it suffers is in motion or at any sort of distance.

Obviously for anything professional or even for any good quality pictures for things with moving objects or at a distance farther than like two feet, yea a real camera is going to be 1000x better.

Summons751970d ago

@ levian

Phone cameras are alright for a quick picture or teenage girls taking 'selfies' but you can visually see the how basic and how much of a downgrade cellphones are compared to a real camera. Even comparing it to a cheap camera you can buy a store and not the professional cameras that cost hundreds to thousands to maintain.

Blackwolf is completely correct on this. You had a professional type of camera in the first then you should have an even new high quality one for a sequel.

Milesprowers1971d ago

Game Freak should ditch Nintendo

KonsoruMasuta1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Yes, they should ditch the company that owns the majority of their shares over (Over 50%) and IPs.

You do realize that almost every thing Gamefreak does is backed by Nintendo, right? Not even that but their IPS are either owned by Nintendo or partially owned by Nintendo.

If Nintendo let them go, for some reason, they wouldn't have many original IPs or the money to thrive.

They wouldn't be able to do anything with Pokémon because Nintendo practically owns it. Pokémon company is owned by three companies, Gamefreak, Nintendo, Creatures Inc (Which Nintendo owns)

MylesOffTheMark1970d ago

I'm not disagreeing with you, nor agreeing. I think they'd be fine, personally. Look at what Insomniac is doing. They're breaking away and making something new. Game Freak would be similar, they'd make something new and get backing because they have such a strong portfolio. They could even pull a Keiji Inafune and make something close to the original, but their own.

user56695101971d ago

To consoles like they should have for years

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