The Top 5 X-Men Games of All Time

Hardcore Gamer's newest editor, Mike Patuleia, takes a look back at his top 5 X-Men Games of All Time during the opening weekend for X-Men: Days of Future Past in the US.

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hduce2319d ago

In my opinion, I think Xmen The Arcade Game should top the list. I don't know how many quarters I dropped into the machine growing up And while it never released on the 16 bit consoles, I got to play it over and over again via PC emultors and The Xbox Live marketplace.

Deadpoolio2318d ago

Nope it has not aged well..Just like that X-men cartoon from the 90s that is actually pretty terrible now

GamingSinceThe80s2318d ago

I just got X men arcade on my ps3.And it rely is still the best X men game. imo It's a shame sony can't sell it anymore because Disney own's Marvel now.But still has download codes for only $10. So if anyone else want's it they better get it before they run out of them FOREVER.Glad I got Mavel vs Capcom 2 before they took it down.

vivid832319d ago

x-men vs streetfighter!!!!

Clogmaster2319d ago

Surprised Children of the Atom and Mutant Apocalypse didn't make the list.

MasterofMagnetism2318d ago

Mutant Apocalypse was awesome. Just wish it had more characters.

IamHaru2318d ago

Children of the Atom definitely needs to be on the list.