Resident Evil 5 Countdown Ends; New Website Launches

The countdown for Resident Evil 5 has ended, leaving a new website in its place after a short sequence of flashes images from the game. The website has 4 sections including "Videos", "Gallery", "Downloads" and "About". The video section contains the new and old trailers, while the images section holds 21 images mainly from the trailers. The downloads section has two wallpapers with notes scribbled onto them as well as a few icons for instant message programs/avatars. The about section talks about the plot of the upcoming game as well as the development team and the franchises history.

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Mc Fadge4990d ago

Who was expecting something more from this countdown rather than 2 wallpapers and perhaps 1 or 2 new screenshots? :<

OldGamer4990d ago

Try not do build expectations and you will be disappointed less often.
Haven't you learned anything from the hype and high review scores for GTAIV?

Thursday4990d ago

I wasn't surprised. Sadly, Capcom isn't that great when it comes to updating their web site, and posting new information. They seem to be somewhat oblivious to the fact that their web site is probably the best way to spread information and to create hype. Cause they are great at making games, no doubt about it.

Sangria4990d ago

Well, Capcom and countdowns... Remember their last countdown, Capcom announced before the cancellation of Monster Hunter on PS3 and said they had a surprise, after a countdown. Result: Capcom announce the port of Lost Planet... Greaaaaaat....

However, there is at least a trailer and i guess more content will be added soon, but i'm still disappointed by Resident Evil 5. Resident Evil 4 was innovating and interesting, but in my opinion, it was not a real Resident Evil.

Resident Evil 5 follows this way. I remember years ago with the first Resident Evils, the matter was not to shoot zombies but to survive, because there was not much weapons and ammos, and because zombies could come at anytime. Each room you were passing, you were scared to face a zombie off.

And then, in Resident Evil 4, first zombies don't really surprise you, then you are no more in closed area and finally you have so much guns that becomes too easy. You are no more scared because you know you can kill them all.

So why do we call this a "survival"-horror if your survival instinct?
Resident Evil 5 does not interest me anymore because Capcom killed the spirit of the series making it a too much wide audience. Now Resident Evil is no more a game where you have to escape to survive, but a game where zombies have to escape to survive.

Thursday4990d ago

Alot of people make the same mistake as you do in your post, when you say that RE4 "was not a real Resident Evil". Capcom makes the series, and they decide what is Resident Evil and what isn't. If RE4 had been a clone of Pong, it would still be Resident Evil, since they set the norm.

Furthermore, an interview with one of the producers have been released, and while I do agree with you that RE4 is riddled with guns, all that will change in RE5, acoording to the producer. Not because you have less guns, but because the next-gen consoles allows for crap-loads of enemies on screen at any given time, and that will be the new definition of survival horror. The only reason you didn't get loads of weapons in the first games was that they couldn't add that many enemies to the games.

I for one think that this is a great path for the series, and I've completed RE4 20 times. RE5 will probably be my favourite game ever.

Panthers4990d ago

I was expecting the game to release worldwide >:(

Nah, I actually forgot all about it until now. This is a game I am really excited for, but Im not going nutz over like Socom.

Sangria4990d ago

I have to agree and disagree with you. Yes, Capcom like anyone who created a game, has the right to do whatever with its game. But imagine for example if Metal Gear Solid 5 was a FPS with sci-fi weapons, zombies and no cut-scene, would you still consider it as a Metal Gear Solid?

I don't think so. The spirit of MGS is infiltration, scenario and
government conspiracy. Same for Resident Evil, which has always been for me surviving more than killing, being scared at any door not to be confident when you jump in a whole, etc...

Yes, i agree that there were technique limitations with the old generations of consoles, but "evolution" doesn't have to be "revolution". In my opinion, if Capcom wanted to do a shooter with zombies, they didn't had to do it with Resident Evil, but more like a crossover. Each game keeps its genre and no fan would be disappointed.

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OldGamer4990d ago

Very cool. I hadn't seen the newest trailer.

And I guess the debate on whether or not this game is racist is over. Chris has an African female partner.

Can't wait to play. Looks real good.

DoctorXpro4990d ago

1 Sorry but I'm the n1 Resident Evils fan

2 new trailer looks amazing

3 can wait

4 Capcom 4ever

Mc Fadge4990d ago

Sorry if I threatened your title, but I've never played Resident Evil in my life XD

DoctorXpro4990d ago

You don't no what you have lost : )

afghani4990d ago

hi there! its me again. the absconder from afghanistan
well i wanted some insights on the graphical area of this game. Will the graphics me amazing? or will it be in the league with dark sector?

and one more it true that the game would have launched this year but capcom had to delay it cuz they wanted to avoid the ps3 version looking pigshit?

Thursday4990d ago

Your post is a fine example of why they created the Open Zone.

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