Kickstarter Successful, Amplitude is Officially Coming

Dan writes - "It took nearly the entire 18 day campaign to happen, but in the final 24 hours the Amplitude Kickstarter has officially hit its goal of $775,000. That means that an official successor to 2003 cult classic by Harmonix will be making its debut on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4."

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HyperBear1612d ago


I'm sure John Drake is super happy today!

XiSasukeUchiha1612d ago

YES! Gamer's Victory!!!!!!!

Mikey322301612d ago

I was watching this just a few hours ago and it was about $6000 short.

I was unsure if they were going to reach it... its so interesting how fast/ effective crowd sourcing can be.

It was also weird watching the amount funded rise slightly every few seconds/minutes.

Interesting stuff.

Also! i didnt realize they are making this a PS3/PS4 Exclusive. Amazing stuff :)

SoapShoes1612d ago

The Amplitude name is owned by Sony so it's not going anywhere. Can't freaking wait!!

GameSpawn1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

Hot diggity damn. I'm glad they got funding for this. I freaking love Frequency and Amplitude.


This type of music game played in this style is owned by Sony as they own the first two IPs. I'm pretty sure Sony BMG music also plays into it as all the music in Frequency and Amplitude (and most likely also in the Kickstarter funded one) was Sony licensed music.

Hey, it is easier to afford music licensing if you share the IP's licensing. I'm pretty sure Harmonix paid next to nothing in music licensing fees for Frequency and Amplitude since they effectively handed ownership of the two IPs to Sony.

Limit7601612d ago

Congrats to the entire team over at Harmonix, It should be a great game!

Nexusthorn1612d ago

I can't even imagine playing Knife Party's Centipede on a decked out version of Amplitude.

Man, it's gonna be a long wait...

(Yeah, I know the song might not be there in the final version, but it's a possibility)

Ausbo1612d ago

70 G's?? Niceeeeeeee.

NatureOfLogic_1612d ago

Welp, I only put up 20 little ones at the last minute.

Obamanationn1612d ago

what the hell they had like maybe $10.50 like 3 days ago , ppl love waiting last minute

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The story is too old to be commented.