Amplitude FREE on PSN, Act Fast Before it Disappears

You read that right, you can unlock Amplitude for free, right now on the PlayStation Network Store.


Glitch was fixed, now you gots ta pay for its.

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MercilessDMercer1589d ago

US PSN?!?! Glad I didn't waste time powering up my PlayStation

Loktai1588d ago

You can use the ps store from the Web easily

MegaRay1588d ago

You dont throw your money on the ground, and call people who pick it and runaway "thieves". :P

WeAreLegion1588d ago

You do if it dropped out of your pocket on accident, you turn around to pick it up, and someone runs off with it.

G20WLY1588d ago

^Well, yes, but 'dropping' does not equal 'throwing'.

Palitera1588d ago

In this case, it is dropped. The devs aren't willingly giving their game for free, or are they?

So... Thieves.

KillZallthebeast1588d ago

I'm so glad the moral police are here to protect us from those comfounded temptations like free software...AWAY SATAN YOU WON'T TAKE ME TODAY!

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DynoMiteLaserCat1588d ago

That was fast... looks like the deal was axed pretty quickly.

Eonjay1588d ago

Yeah I just purchased the demo and when I went to the full version it said to Download to PS4. Maybe its crossplay?

Null19801588d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

Getting so many downvotes. Sorry you guys missed out. No need to be salty. :\

Null19801588d ago

That was after downloading the "demo". See the difference in the one marked demo and the other isn't? They both say $0.00.

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The story is too old to be commented.