Digital Spy: How PS4 racer DRIVECLUB puts social front and center

DRIVECLUB may have stalled on the starting line a couple of times - it was originally planned to launch alongside the PS4 last year - but Evolution Studios' delayed racer promises to bring something unique to the genre when it drifts in this October.

The game straddles the divide between the arcade and simulation sub-categories, but to lump it into either one does it a disservice.

While this PS4 exclusive strikes a balance between petrolhead-pleasing authenticity and accessibility, what makes DRIVECLUB really stand out is its social elements.

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medman3479d ago

Drive Club is looking fantastic. The backdrops I've seen in the videos are absolutely stunning. Hopefully the racing is smooth....if it is this is almost a must have if you're a car nut. It's the kind of game you leave running on a demo race just to look at the visuals.


Driveclub - Brutal Backlog

Driveclub was a headline game at the start of the PS4’s life. A fabulous game – eventually - but what now, with the servers turned off? Is it worth your time? JDR starts its engines in today’s Brutal Backlog.

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Abear21639d ago

Bikes expansion might be one of the most underrated games of last gen. Incredible driver and bike animations + DC weather is craze.


20 Best PS4 Racing Games You Should Play

Cultured Vultures: We won't stop until everyone appreciates how brilliant Driveclub is/was.

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Terry_B1058d ago

Are there even more than 20?

purple1011058d ago

i went to the article and theres only a couple racing games, cant find the button to move page on through all the adverts.

purple1011058d ago

ah its changed to a video now, strange, but il take it

Dfooster1056d ago

Dirt rally doesn't even make the list? Errm OK then.

Driveclub is over rated as well, with middle of the road handling and the 30fps killed it upon arrival for me.


Top 30 PS4 Exclusive Games of All Time

GB: "Join us as we try and rank the PS4’s abundance of memorable exclusives."

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Sonic-and-Crash1212d ago

ohh at last someone gives Bloodborne the throne it deserves -->the throne of the best exclusive game on PS4 and i would add the best game/new IP of this gen

Also at last one article that includes The Last Guardian in top exclusives list .....i would change its position though and i would rank it higher ...TLoUS 2 and FF VII Remake dont desreve to be in the top 5 list (at least FF7 that imo is an incomplete game)

umair_s511212d ago

Gaming bolt with their 30 pages for 30 exclusives. Can someone please do everyone a service and list all the titles. Much appreciated.

Army_of_Darkness1212d ago

The last of us, uncharted 2, horizon zero dawn, god of war 3, metal gear solid 4 and Ni no Kuni are my all time favorites.

Seraphim1212d ago

definitely not clicking on that one. I refuse to visit any site or scroll through page after page on any site that pulls that BS.

side note: how the F can you do only a top 30!!?? That doesn't even leave room for Rise of Honor [PS2], Genji [PS2], Folklore [PS3] and some, rather, many other dam solid exclusives that are deserving to be called out in a Top of list. And those two of those are possibly highly debatable, perhaps obscure titles but I loved them... Crap, I can rattle off what could be considered 30 top PS exclusives from the top of me head. Then again, how many people are actually going to click through 50-100 pages to see an entire list. My point has been argued and mute. but seriously...

anonymousfan1212d ago

I am terrible at hard games like Bloodborne but I am hoping that the zero loading screen on PS5 will make my billion noob deaths more bearable and I might stick to it 😆

toxic-inferno1212d ago

The loading times in Bloodborne aren't actually that bad!

anonymousfan1212d ago

@toxic-inferno I believe you 😆 but any loading combined with the death animations is too much when you die as much as I do lmao.

garos821211d ago

Im guessing you didnt play it at launch. The patched the loading times much later on to improve them but i remember them being horrible

DeBroglio1212d ago

Tlou 2 most certainly deserves to be in the top 5. Ff vii remake was incredible and universally acclaimed too, so i have absolute no qualms about those games being in someone's top 5, because those games deserve the recognition. You can say what you want about TLOU 2, doesnt change the fact that it is a technical masterpiece, if anything, and the gameplay is top notch as well.

Dragonscale1211d ago

Agreed sonic, still the best even now. Tbh tlou2 doesn't deserve to be on the list full stop.

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LOGICWINS1212d ago

That’s a lot of exclusive titles....

FlavorLav011212d ago

However you look at it, that’s an unforgettable generation of titles to have put out. Sony’s has EARNED our trust, my money will be there day 1 to see and support the future of games they have in store. Super grateful, still working on my platinum of GhostsOT.

CaptainHenry9161212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Ghost of tuishima is the real deal and fantastic 👏 👌 🙌

Abnor_Mal1212d ago

Aw man, I just started act3, this game is pressing all the right buttons and hitting me in the feels.

Bathyj1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

There's a new patch live right now. Not sure what it does. New game plus or resetting camps fingers crossed.
Edit. Apparently travelers attire gets visual and audio clues for pick ups not just Rumble. And bug fixes. That's it.

anonymousfan1212d ago

My only regret this gen is not having enough time to play... So many of those gems I barely touched.

I'm starting next gen fresh though I dont want to work on my backlog when I get a PS5... Unless there is a drought at first then I'll get around to completing GoW :)

shuvam091212d ago

Can someone list it? Not interested in going through 30 slides :/