Rumor : Resogun DLC Coming in June

A Reddit user Upvote_Responsibly has posted Facebook image which shows that Housemarque is developing a DLC for its critically acclaimed side scrolling game Resogun with a

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daggertoes831614d ago

Yay!!! Might be my favorite next gen game. Excited!!!

Sevir1613d ago

Love Resogun! I can't wait!!!

DashArrival1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

So happy about that. I know it's not a popular thing to say, but out of every game on PS4, Resogun is the best IMO. It's just so much fun. I've never thoroughly enjoyed getting a Platinum more than in this game.
I hope it get's a whole new bunch of trophies. :)

uth111613d ago

What am I missing about Resogun? To me, it's just the 1980 game Defender with much prettier graphics. I get bored after about 5 minutes.

DashArrival1613d ago

You didn't give it enough time mate. In my opinion that's the problem with people that dislike it. If you give it the time it deserves and you allow yourself to get good at it, then you'll enjoy it and become a master. I didn't like it much at the start either. I went back to it a month after I bought my PS4 and have wanted more Resogun ever since.

heisenberguk1613d ago

I hated it at 1st and deleted it but after re downloading it and having a few goes I was hooked. Still play it today

stavrami-mk21613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

i said exactly the same as you, in fact i was even offended they released a crappy defender clone to the point i rated it 2/10 after my 1st go . i then went back about a month later because i just didn't get all the high reviews, after giving it some time i discovered this game is an absolute gem a platinum trophy later i just can't wait for the dlc to turn up .still go on every now and then 6 months later

NexGen1613d ago

I feel the same way uth. ...apparently I need to give it more than 5 minutes.

Inception1613d ago

If i follow Uth who play and judged games only in 5 minutes, than surely i will skip a lot of great games.

uth111613d ago

Thanks! Sounds like I just need to give it more time

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The story is too old to be commented.