Retro Gaming Night: Resident Evil Remake Let's Play

In this episode we look at Resident Evil Remake for the Nintendo Gamecube. A remake of the classic Resident Evil, this takes the graphics to new heights, introduces a whole bunch of new areas to explore and mixes up the gameplay. Even if you’ve already played a Resident Evil before, you should watch this video to see why you should play the remake! - See more at:

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ritsuka6662797d ago

The good old days of Resident Evil Franchise. =(

GamingSinceThe80s2796d ago

I find it frustrating that I can't buy so many of these older games on the Nintendo's e shop or psn.One would think by now all this stuff would be for sale.Don't these publishers and company's like money?The only way to get most of it is pay high prices on Amazon and ebay.Or so called stealing it online.But is it rely stealing if the maker's aren't selling it anymore at any price?Their creating a bigger problem because there are a lot of us that would gladly pay for them.You can buy just about any old movie dating back 100 years.But even games as little as 5 up to 30 years old not so much.

Darth Gamer2795d ago

Still one of the best games made IMO and this is my Favorite of the series. If you have not ever played the remake of RE for the gamecube, find a copy! Truely Capcom at their best before they turned to crap.

SP4CE_C4PT4IN2795d ago

Loved, loved, loved this game! The main reason I got a Gamecube.