If Godzilla Entered Games For Battle, Who’d Win?

Cinelinx - "

Godzilla is storming theaters this week and early numbers are looking great. Reviews are looking positive, for the most part, and the movie should be big for Hollywood. Of course that means Godzilla is back for the time being, and inevitably we will have more Godzilla movies. Remember last time he came around we ended up with all kinds of “Godzilla Vs” whatever movies, along with a ton of ideas that thankfully never came to light. (Yes Batman was in one of those ideas!) So what about instead of abusing movies, Godzilla trecked on over to video games and decided to pick on a few characters? Glad you asked!

We’ve come up with a few characters that would make for an interesting battle!"

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trywizardo1613d ago

it can be a boss fight in DMC games , FF games , MH games amd in a godzilla game xD