I'm Still Playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf

CCC Says: "Every day, after work, I head home to Crawford. I check my fanmail, putting the various gifts I've received into my backpack, to dole out to devoted followers or sell for pocket change. The flowers never wilt and weeds rarely grow, but I'll roam the grounds around town, checking to make sure hybrid flowers are grouped together and errant blooms are dug up to preserve my landscaping. I check in with my favorite admirers: Molly, Peanut, Rosie, Beardo, Hamphrey, Lucky, and Daisy. I can't risk any of them jumping ship, like Julian did inexplicably and without warning. Then, I sell any tokens I've acquired from the devotees around the way, see if my favorite art dealer is in town with anything authentic, and sign off for the day."

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