Top 5 Unlikely Partners in Gaming

Lisa takes a look at gaming's most uniquely paired duos, and wonders just how game developers come up with such bizarre couples.

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Geobros1638d ago

Ahhh...Banjo!! I love that game!!!!

SolidGear31637d ago

I wouldn't mind being her partner in a game. Gorgeous :3

Picnic1637d ago

I'd like to know the list. If Banjo Kazooie's on there it's fairly obvious why they are paired. Being a bear and a bird, they can both live outdoors in the wild. And the bird exists to naturally complement the bear's abilities. How else to make a bear be able to shoot high up in the sky? Rare created the bird as a form of power up, not just a companion. They're different from most 'double acts' in that respect. They are essentially the same being- Kazooie's not even allowed to get away from Banjo for a second- she resides in Banjo's backpack. She's essentially part of him.