Total Chaos Mod Looks Spectacular, Brings Modern Graphical Features To Doom II's Old Engine

DSOGaming writes: "Okay everyone, get ready to be impressed. Our reader ‘Ultralist’ has informed us about a new video from an upcoming mod for Doom II that sports amazing visuals (at least for the engine it is based on). Total Chaos is a mod for Doom II that features modern graphical effects such as 16x motion blur, bloom lighting and godrays, and pushes Doom II’s 1993 engine to its limits."

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masterfox1615d ago

The moment I saw zombies I stop the video. ughh..

Skizelli1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

I've seen a lot of complaints about this and I don't understand why. "It's not Doom," "it's too slow," or "zomg zombies." Who effing cares? Just the fact that it's running on the Doom engine is incredible.

veegeeeffex1615d ago

It's not based on Doom 2, it's running in GZDoom which is a rewritten engine with all sorts of snazzy extra features that Doom 2 would never have been capable of.

wallis1615d ago


Doom's engine has been rewritten so many times its nuts. I'm still very impressed with the mod, it looks great and looks like a lot of fun. But for fuck's sake if your a game's journalist can you just not do the bare minimum research? Or even just ask some people at Doomworld who would quickly explain people have been wringing the living shit out of Doom's many many engines for over twenty years now, and updating it with pretty graphics isn't exactly the revolution this article makes it out to be.

Skizelli1614d ago

That's like saying the original Half-Life isn't based on the Quake engine just because it's heavily modified and called GoldSrc.

A rose by any other name is still a rose.