PDP Teams with Nintendo to Debut GameCube Controller-Inspired Pad for Wii U in Time for Smash Bros.

GameCube Controller-inspired pad on the way from PDP.

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DryBoneKoopa853180d ago


Clearly Nintendo is starting to listen to its fan base. I think the Pro controller would of worked fine as a substitute but more options is ALWAYS a good thing.

randomass1713180d ago

Please, allow me to join in on your excitement and enjoyment of this news.


guitarded773180d ago

I'd be more excited if they announced GameCube games for the Wii U Virtual Console.

Magnes3180d ago

@guitarded I agree they need to ramp up the virtual console stuff but the controller is exciting for sure.

Madock3180d ago

I can't believe it...
Too good to be true!

3-4-53180d ago

Looks awesome but one question:

Where is the other analog stick ?

thehobbyist3180d ago

That's a fight pad designed for fighting games. Not the controller the article is about. The product PDP is currently working on will look more like this

DarkBlood3180d ago

Like that? So I guess ill wait for that instead of getting the pro controller hopfully I can use the gamecube styled for other games

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BlackWolf3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

HAHAHAHHA Awesome!! The Gamecube Controller was really one of the best. This will be really good for my Super Smash Bros. sessions. For Glory, here I come!

HexxedAvenger3180d ago

oh wow! this is definite lol

-Foxtrot3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

Hopefully it will look and feel just as good as the GC controller

Nintendo should of done this a while ago since it would of been perfect for Mario Kart 8 or Super Mario 3D World, either as a new addition to the Wii U or redesign the pro controller.

Hopefully it will look like these


"The Wired Fight Pad plugs directly into the Wii Remote External Extension Connector."

Oh well that's a little dishearting. I thought it would just connect to the console wireless. You still need a Wii remote. What's so hard about letting it connect to the Wii U console it's self. You can do this yourself with your old Gamecube controller if you buy one of those connectors.

PhantomTommy3180d ago

Aw man, those are sexy as hell! That's what the pro controller should have been from the start.

-Foxtrot3180d ago

I know right

I don't know why they went with a different design when they already had a good one, a design which links to Nintendo's past console. They just needed to update it a little which those fan mock ups have done. It seems very straight forward.

Instead we are getting a wired controller which needs to be connected to a Wii remote. I mean come on...

wonderfulmonkeyman3180d ago

The cord between them will still be long enough that you won't even notice the difference. Just put the wiimote in your lap and ignore the cord.

-Foxtrot3180d ago

The problem is though it's still there, it's 2014, we have all moved onto wireless controllers now. Why is it they can't just make a wireless controller and connect it to your Wii U, it makes no sense

Then there's the fact that not everyone has a Wii remote still. I don't see why they are relying on something from their past console. As I've said we've moved on now.

MajorGecko3180d ago

hes right its 2014 wheres the lights in the controller??? or the tiny cellphone speaker??? why doesn't it show how many rounds per minute i fire???? damnit nintendo

bobacdigital3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )


This controller is priced at 25 bux .. if it was built to operate like the pro controller it would most definitely would be double the price. Also you are right it is 2014 .. they already have a completely acceptable Wireless Controller called the Pro Controller.. This controller is just a licensed third party controller.

Also the previous Wii had slots for the gamecube wireless connectors.. the Wii U doesnt have that it is only USB.

randomass1713180d ago

Wait... that's a contradiction. You're saying "We've moved on/it's 2014" while clamoring for a controller inspired by another from 2001. I mean I get what you're saying, but if you want a Gamecube styled controller for Wii U, it would almost certainly be archaic in some way.

-Foxtrot3180d ago

How is it contradicting to want an UPDATED old controller.

Microsoft has done with with the Xbox controller, they improved on theirs since the bulky Xbox controller

Sony has done this with the DS controller over the years.

Why can't Nintendo. The Gamecube controller was great and really set it apart from other controllers from Sony and MS.

If I wanted the exact same controller in every way then I would be contradicting myself

wonderfulmonkeyman3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

It being there isn't as big an issue as you are trying to make it out to be, dude. At this point you're just digging too hard for reasons to complain.
Also, having support for more controller options is a GOOD THING.
Moving on, as you put it, at the expense of dropping support for controllers that most wii u owners already have, would be a bad thing.
Get your head straight on this one; the wiimote isn't an issue.

-Foxtrot3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

Here we go, why is it ANYTHING Nintendo do which could be 100 times better you down play it and make it seem like it's alright.

Seriously it's becoming annoying on this site, if Sony or MS did this we would all be going "WTF are they thinking".

I mean look at the comment above I made how it;s NOT contradicting, It get disagreed to death even though I'm in the right and it's not contradicting at all.

If you praise Nintendo on something your fine but the other times you criticize people make you out to be a full on Nintendo basher totally forgetting your past positive comments.

So no YOU get your head straight, the Wii remote shouldn't be there at all. It could of had a better set up and if you disagree then sorry but your part of the reason why Nintendo are so behind at times. It's like you don't want better things from them.

masso91123180d ago

Well, thanks to it being wired, it will only cost 25 dollars instead of the usual 40-60 dollars of regular controllers... So I think the wire is ok

randomass1713180d ago

Well, if it helps at all, there's an existing adapter that does what this controller is supposed to do: connects existing GCN controllers to the Wiimote and reprograms them to function as Classic Controller Pros. Anyway, Nintendo DID update their controller. They made the Wii U Gamepad and the Wii U Pro Controller. And it seems if you want a GCN style controller, you have to be content with it functioning like the adapter I mentioned.

I'm not saying you're wrong for wanting more out of it, but with the controller options already present, I think you should be thankful you're getting a GCN-like option at all.

-Foxtrot3180d ago

" I think you should be thankful you're getting a GCN-like option at all. "

But there is already one like this where you can buy a connector from amazon to fit into your Wii remote and use your old Gamecube controller

What is the point of doing the SAME THING people have been doing for ages now because there was no other choice. People would of been more impressed if they could get rid of that set up and more onto something even better straight from Nintendo, not trying to make the best out of a situation yourself as a fan.

Concertoine3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

I agree, because its wired that likely means it will lack rumble like the classic controllers, and that's just more AA batteries to blow by having to connect it to a wiimote.
That said i dont think the wii u pro set up is in any way a de-evolution of the gamecube design. I personally find the wii u pro controller to be one of the most comfortable, easy to adjust to controllers i've ever used. The sticks sit in the natural resting place of the thumb.

wonderfulmonkeyman3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

No, Fox. YOU are the one in the wrong here.
Making it wireless might be nice, until you factor in the fact that it would cost more, MUCH more, than how they are currently doing it.
The Wii remote is wireless too; it's just used as the connector instead of the system.
More controller options are a good thing, especially when they take advantage of controllers that the majority of people already HAVE.
This is the same bs you pull on every article; you blow minor things out of proportion and use them to say Nintendo is doing a terrible, horrible thing.
Quit nitpicking over stupid shit.

thehobbyist3180d ago

Those connectors cost more.
Wii mote($20) + mayflash adapter($25) + GC controller($40+) = $85+
Wii mote + wired fight pad = $45

3180d ago
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