“Why Is Titanfall Dying On PC?”

T1 - Alaric gives his thoughts on what Respawn Entertainment could have improved upon in their next-gen shooter, Titanfall, as well as their recent handling of PC playlists.

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Dazel1703d ago

Because it's rather boring with few (Hardpoint) decent game modes. Ones you get over the "wow" this is fun, it soon feels like many other shooters.

Jdoki1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

Maybe PC gamers are a little more spoiled or sophisticated than their console cousins?

It's hard to say. But from what I hear it's not exactly thriving on XB1 either. No idea on 360 numbers.

After the fall from popularity of the classics like Unreal Tournament and Quake, I've never really seen an FPS on PC that had a massive playerbase over a long period. Some of the more realism based shooters do seem to have a dedicated crowd though.

Ultimately with TitanFall, I think it's a very good and solid game in a weak frame. The hook was 'CoD with mechs' - but it needed more. It needed more innovative game modes for a start.

It needed a mix of the smaller, intimate maps, and a few modes that were more in line with World Of Tanks and big maps.

The Burn Card idea seemed poorly conceived and implemented. The amount of customisation of Mech and Pilot are both lacking.

TitanFall is far too rooted in the past. It just didn't seem ambitious enough beyond the core concept of mixing Soldiers with Robots in one game.