Why Are Games So Addictive?

Andy from Plus XP writes: "Short of marrying it, I would do anything for my PS4. It’s like the perfect partner. It gives me so much fun, pleasure (not in that way) and it never asks for anything in return. But if something did happen to me and my PS4, we have a falling out and I leave it; I can go back to my PS3 which I still play a lot thanks to Playstation Plus. Just a side note, I have never engaged in any amorous activity with my hardware…..that probably made things worse.

It’s just an endless cycle of playing games with little care in the world for anything else. Need to do some work? Nope, I think I’ll play games for a few hours. Need to have a shower and go out? Nah, I’ll just stay in and play games instead. It doesn’t matter what task or vital job needs doing, games will prevail in the end. I can vouch for this, I know I’m a very lazy person by nature, but how comforting is the thought of separating yourself from the real world and immersing yourself in a virtual world?"

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ArchangelMike1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

Gaming for me is the perfect escapism...
Yeah I know peeps like to go play golf, or go fishing etc etc. But to me when it comes to escapism and immersion - gaming all the way. That's why my favourite games are games like TLOU, Skyrim, GTAV, Bioshock and Mass Effect etc. Those games create living believable worlds that I can completely immerse myself in and get lost in for hours on end.

Long live Gaming!

GarrusVakarian1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

Also the fact that when you play competitive games, such as MP FPS's, doing well (getting kill streaks, winning 1v1's etc) triggers a release of endorphins, you get addicted to that "high", hence 1000's of hours playing CoD, lol.

Lord_Frieza1703d ago

Its either video games or play outside.
The graphics outside suck
That's why I love gaming #FriezaRules

Agent_hitman1703d ago

Depends on a genre, my favorite videogames are RPG, Stealth action, FPS, hack n slash. It makes me energized everytime I play those games and also it relieves stress..

KinjoTakemura1703d ago

Only the good games are addictive. The games that make you forget about the problems that you have or have had. Games that stir up emotions and feelings of awe, excitement, fear, anger, dismay, and bewilderment. What ever game or games you have as favorite(s) one or more of the characteristics mentioned above have you replaying your game of choice over and over. Right now, my game of choice is Wolfenstein : The New Order. What's yours?