MonkeyPaw Reveals Why The English Version Of Tomba! 2 Isn’t On PSN In North America

MonkeyPaw's Ryan Olsen recently explained that emulation issues are preventing a North American PSN release of the English version of Tomba! 2. The company is still trying to get that version out, but decided to release the Japanese version in the meantime.

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Skate-AK2803d ago

At least it is just emulation issues and not some type of license problem.

arbitor3652803d ago

if people on the internet have had roms like this worked out for over a decade, why the hell cant these companies get them working on PSN?

Qrphe2803d ago

Because approving software for sale has more strict regulations. Tiny bugs that most of the time you may gloss over while playing games may disqualify a game from sale.

arbitor3652803d ago

tell that to bethesda or dice