How Do Gamers with Actual Lives Have Time to Play Huge Games?

As games get bigger and bigger, and more developers embrace the open-world formula, it's becoming increasingly difficult for gamers with time issues to enjoy such adventures.

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yellowgerbil1665d ago

I haven't had time to turn on my ps3 or ps4 in about a month. When things come that are REALLY awesome I find a few spare hours here and there but still definitely can't give the time I gave to gaming even 3 years ago. Work full time as well as draw 2 weekly webcoimcs that take about 6 hours a page so that is over 50hours a week I lose that I can't give to my love for gaming.
Then there is netflix... damn netflix cutting into my gaming time...

ArchangelMike1665d ago

Yeah I mostly game at night, it's about the only time I get the TV to myself. The down side is that I end up only getting like 4 hours sleep a night :(