TacticalIndie - Bound By Flame (PC) Review

Fantasy RPGs seem to go one of two ways: you’ve got the brilliantly crafted world filled with interesting characters, an engaging story and fun gameplay to back it up. Or there’s the mediocre RPG that simply tries too hard to reach the aforementioned heights with far less resources, no interesting characters, a poorly penned tale and sub-par gameplay to round it off. Bound by Flamedoesn’t break this mould, and instead sets a new wooden spoon-standard for mediocre RPG experiences.

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yeahright21665d ago

I honestly don't get all the negative reviews of this game. I see just a few 7's for it and that's where I personally would put it. It's no witcher or dragon age, sure, but it's nowhere near as bad as a 4.5. I played through and my biggest complaint was the voice acting. A few other negatives would be the customization options being limited for character creation, it's a bit too linear and you are limited to one companion except in a couple rare circumstances.
But it has a decent story, a morality system driven by the plot, awesome combat (captain difficulty gets close to dark souls levels), nice crafting, no multiplayer hence no mp achievements/trophies, edwen's outfit, side quest mesh so well with the plot there was only one or two times I felt like I was doing a fetch quest.
It's not great but good enough to warrant a $60 purchase and since it's even cheaper than that, you'll get your money's worth and then some if your tastes are like mine.