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Transistor’s the kind of game that made me immediately jump back in to take on New Game Plus. I wanted to continue exploring the excellent combat in new, more challenging scenarios. I wanted to double back on the areas that I’d missed the first time through, and try to fill in the gaps of the fantastic story. But most of all, I wasn’t ready to leave Red or her world behind.

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Nine_Thousaaandd1611d ago

I'm loving these reviews so far...excellent score!

Transistor and Child of Light both, have surprised me. I'm really excited for this one. Sony may have a gem on their hands.

Eonjay1611d ago

Yeah have you noticed that the smaller scale games are destroying the AAA games in ratings. People just enjoy them more. I think because these games focus more on mechanics and art instead of polygon crunching.

MightyNoX1611d ago

It's because these games go back to the basics. Back to when things used to be fun. It's also because they're made to cater to genres that died in the previous gen.

I'm loving that indies are bringing back survival horror, RPGs, SRPGs, point'n'click and the occasional oddball experiments.

medman1611d ago

Maybe so, but I think you'll be hard pressed to find games more beautiful than Child of Light and Transistor. The art style of both games is phenomenal.

user56695101611d ago

this is a ps exclusive i never knew sony made this and bastion.

let give all the credit to sony and not the devs that make the game even if its a multiplat game. gotta love sony fanbase base. it only matters when it on PS.

pedrof931611d ago

You try to hard.

You're pathetic.

Does he mention any of what you've said ?

Are you jealous ? Get it on Pc.

ZodTheRipper1611d ago

Your comments make my head hurt.

user56695101611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

"I'm really excited for this one. Sony may have a gem on their hands."

your mom makes my head hurt. ;-)

3-4-51611d ago

I like when games with Art Style > realism get good reviews.

Might make some of these Dev's wake up.

GodlyPanda1171611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

Can anyone give me a brief description of the combat? Planning to pick it up when I get home!

Edit: Also, how long is the game?

PockyKing1611d ago

Mix between Real-time action and strategy. Basically, you play it as you would a normal action game or play it as a turn based game.

MidnytRain1611d ago

Reviewer says it's about 6 hours. I think that's as long as Bastion was.

Mektige1611d ago

Now if they'd just hurry up and update PSN...

rodiabloalmeida1611d ago

PSN US? Check again in 3 hours from now. Meanwhile, I'm downloading my steam copy + soundtrack *_*

higgins781611d ago

I'm sorry, yes this looks the part (although not exactly original) and yes, judging by early reviews it plays good, but I don't know, something about 'indie' titles of late have the habit of being very throwaway. The price needs to be right on these games, more an impulse purchase rather than a considered purchase price tag.

Blacklash931611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

Not original? Can you name something else that stars a singer celebrity wielding a giant, talking USB drive as a sword to in order to fight robotic assassins in a Sci-Fi city to get her voice back? That involves isometric real-time/turn-based gameplay?

Sevir1611d ago

Lol. Blacklash, don't mind him, he owns that other platform that's starving for quality games. It's funny, The indie games have out performed the Big AAA games on both platforms critically and the vast majority of them are on PS4.

People just don't get it. Most Every dev team starts off as indie. And they bring the balance and break up the monotony of the over saturated annualized run of the mill FPS, Racing, sports Crap that chokes this industry so much

uth111611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

yeah, I think I had a game like that that on a Commodore 64.. :)

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