Xbox One: more than meets the eye?

Ok, let’s get some perspective. This article is not about some ‘secret sauce’, or that the Xbox One has the inner power of a former resident of Cybertron.

It’s purely to promote debate that arises from a number of developers comments, that have been made in recent interviews, who are working on Xbox exclusive titles. Development teams that ‘should’ know a bit more about the hardware capabilities let’s say. Before we get to the nitty gritty we need a bit of an introduction to make the debate more palatable.

lifeisgamesok3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

Yes, we can already see Xbox One is powerful through Ryse, Quantum Break, and other titles but if what leaders in the industry are saying is correct then Directx 12 is truly a game changer

I know what the Sony fans will come in here and say "they were talking about PC advances"

But have AMD, Nvidia, Intel, or Valve come out and say "Oh we meant for PC gaming not the console space" they haven't, so until then their quotes apply to the One too

The developer of the Oxide engine did specifically mention that the performance of the graphics on Xbox One will improve

I'll put my trust into their words before the n4g developers

Eonjay3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

I have no doubts that D3D12 will yield improvements to Xbox One but don't forget about PC either. Do you think Nvidia, Valve, or Intel are really that vested in consoles? Of course not. If D3D12 helps Xbox but not PCs it is useless. A lot of us have rigs that stand to gain alot from D3D13 so please understand that this isn't just about Xbox. You want it to be something that makes it better than PS4. I want it to make improvements across the board.

alexkoepp3480d ago

There are videos showcasing dx12 features and the results are quite impressive, both the PC and Xbox are going to see some pretty big gains, can't wait for it.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr33480d ago

Here is one little ingredient of that secret sauce.


creatchee3480d ago

People would enjoy their consoles much more if they stopped worrying so much about what the other guy has going on. I'm more excited about a potential boost to Xbox One performance than I am with it catching up to the PS4.

Concertoine3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

agreed. xbox always gets decent, more obscure exclusives that many people forget about (project gotham, crimson skies, dead or alive 3, ninja gaiden, otogi, panzer dragoon orta, many more on original xbox and lost odyssey, viva pinata, alan wake, ace combat 6, blue dragon, crackdown, dead or alive 4, a crap ton of bullet hell shooters if youre willing to import).
A lot of people like to say we only got forza, gears and halo last gen but MS got some pretty good games outside of those series.

jnemesh3480d ago

DX12 MAY help on Xbox One...but not as much as the fans posting here would like to believe. Also, it's important to note that Sony ALREADY HAS their own "low level" API that has similar functionality to DX12, so don't expect the XB1 to magically start competing with Sony's box in any case. Software can't make up for the lower power of the XBox One's GPU, nor can it upgrade DDR3 memory to GDDR5 performance!

system223480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

i have personally spoken with devs at some really big studios and they truly believe dx12 will have a big impact on the x1. the xbox and ps4 are nearly identical. the ps4 has 2 more cu's but the xbox's cu's are clocked higher. and that higher clock is multiplied per cu, not just the net difference in clock speed. yes the ps4 has faster ram, but the x1 has a wider bandwidth. when you read about how eSRAM will greatly benefit tiled texture streaming because of its insane bandwidth (6gb textures stashed in 16 mb ram) you will start to understand how dx12 (which also allows the work to be distributed across all cores, not just 1) and cloud computing will greatly improve x1's capability. they had scalability in mind from day one.

No_Limit3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

"DX12 MAY help on Xbox One...but not as much as the fans posting here would like to believe."

At the end of the day, xbox fans are excited that XB1 is getting the boost, most of them don't care if it is still behind the PS4. Can we leave it at that. Why does it matter to PS4 fans--- if a competing product is getting something good if you guys are so confident that it will still be less than the PS4? D@mn, I hate armchair fanboys. smh

marlinfan103480d ago


stop trying to act like you know what impact dx12 will have. as of now, its all speculation. acting like you know just makes you look foolish tbh.

Nocando3480d ago

Again with this? I have seen no one but Sony fans talking about the X1 catching up with the PS4. Stop being so paranoid, we are just happy for potential improvements, not hoping for the X1 to "outdo" the PS4.

headblackman3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

can you guarantee that with some proof??? a video from microsoft or sony showing off tech comparisons. an x1 running dx12 vs a ps4 running at it's top peak performance?? can you provide us with that to prove your claims of the x1 not receiving the a major boost sir??? if so please provide it so we can take your word on your claims. if not, then we have to go with the smarter people who developed the console and everything that makes it tick over your assumptions.

no disrespect to you sir, but if you're not an insider or a developer on the x1 then there is no way i or anyone here can take your word on a product that you more than like don't even own, let alone know the complete understanding of how it all will works and comes together.

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MysticStrummer3480d ago

"have AMD, Nvidia, Intel, or Valve come out and say "Oh we meant for PC gaming not the console space" they haven't, so until then their quotes apply to the One too"

That is some logic there… Wow.

DX12 will have a much bigger impact on PCs than on XB1. In fact some aspects of DX12 are already done by XB1.

system223480d ago

usually when you dispute someones point you offer a counterpoint to explain your reason for disagreeing.

MysticStrummer3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

"usually when you dispute someones point you offer a counterpoint to explain your reason for disagreeing."

DX12 will make PC development more like a console. XB1 development is already like a console, and as I said XB1 is already doing things DX12 will allow PCs to do.

Is that any better? It's not like that info is hard to find for those who want to see it, but it seems that some here don't want to know about it.

system223480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

you can't show optimism towards anything but ps4 on here. its better than your car, your significant other, super computers and hot chicks holding their big.... guns.... on a calendar. if you do people will hold it against you personally.

for what its worth i completely agree with you. especially with what i've been reading the last couple days im really looking forward to seeing what the x1 will be capable of. it seems they were thinking ahead rather than right now. now watch the disagrees stack up and prove my point.

Utalkin2me3480d ago


Soon as you said PS4 and Xbox1 are nearly identical, i quit reading right there. Anything you say holds not a ounce of weight.

system223480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

hahah try reading. they are more similar than dissimilar when you break them down to components. spare me the fanboy speak of ddr5 vs ddr3, eSRAM etc... yes the ps4 is more powerful at the end of the day, i don't dispute that, its gpu is a bit stronger and it has faster memory etc, but its not so powerful that it dwarfs the xbox in comparison. i know the fanboys want that to be true but its not. now as you read about what MS has in store you realize that the x1 saved silicon in the box to be scalable for the future with cloud computing etc (where the eSRAMs crazy bandwidth really starts to benefit when coupled with tiled texture streaming etc)... the ps4 gave it to you all up front but with more limitations down the road. ya know... things like infrastructure for scalability to take place. ive said this a million times... when i turn on my ps4 i don't feel like its miles beyond my xbox one. they are pretty close at the end of the day... especially with exclusives. all the media hype about resolutions etc have been made into such a huge deal that all the jackasses that no nothing about how any of this even works swear they can obviously see differences... clearly they are stacking two 60" tvs side by side and going frame by frame, because at my house, when playing from the couch, the only easily noticeable difference so far has been the frame rate on tombraider. other than that you're getting out the magnifying glass to search out some tiny aliasing artifacts from an upscale.

WolvesDude3480d ago

@lifeisgamesok Quantum Break isn't released yet so how can we see how powerful it is?

@system22 The PS4 has 18 CUs and the Xbox One has 12 CUs 18-12 does not equal 2.
You sound like someone who knows a lot about nothing and runs a shady blog somewhere...umm clownxmedia or something like that.

hankmoody3480d ago

Well said. Tired of the armchair developers in here talking nonsense while they refute the claims and comments of... you know, ACTUAL game devs.

I've seen people arguing in here where it's clearly obvious that they have no idea what they're talking about and just spewing numbers and specs and figures... gimme a break and find another hobby, especially if your idea of fun is poring over spec stats rather than enjoying your system(s) of choice.

Spotie3480d ago

Sounds like you're describing Xbox fanboys, many of whom have already made an appearance in this article.

But rather than refute the claims of developers, they twist those statements to mean things they just don't mean.

I agree, though: people who have no clue should stop talking. Unfortunately, if that happened, there'd be almost nobody left to champion the XB1.

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hello123480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

Its about the potential of the x box 1. I think directx12, the 15 special processors, chips still undisclosed on the motherboard, and cloud computing, will change peoples minds eventually.

There was never an extra GPU. A second GPU is expensive. Microsoft was never going to do that. I said as much before Pannello told misterx that was false. So stop saying i am a follower of misterx, please.

Slightly off topic, sorry for doing this, if the bubble system wasn't so restrictive i might be able to reply to people. But it will quash some of the rubbish about the x box 1 been not capable.

How can Battlefield 4 have 64 players and not Titanfall.

Well you don't call in vehicles. There spawned at the start of the game.

6 vehicles usually spawns and who gets into them first uses them.

Titanfall is different every pilot gets a titan.

So if you had 12vs12 players, that's 24 titans.

Battlefield most of the action is on foot.

jnemesh3480d ago

Really? We are still talking about "mystery chips" that will somehow come to the rescue? Still?

MasterCornholio3480d ago

Well you still follow Mr.X because you claim that DX13 will double the Xbox Ones power which is exactly what he is saying on his blog.

For some stupid reason Google Now keeps sending me updates on his blog. Anyone know how to stop that?

3480d ago
FATHASUN3480d ago

Go to settings and tell Google Now that you no longer want updates to that site or topic. On the Card Itself press the 3 dots icon and stop the updates

SniperControl3480d ago

Oh man.....

The sucking of misterX's rancid teet is strong in this article.

Utalkin2me3480d ago


You're becoming my favorite poster for comedy. I really do appreciate it. If it wasn't for people like you on this site. This site would be drab with all logic and common sense.

Gunstar753480d ago

The bubble system on here is a joke.

This is why this place has become the domain of Sony fanboys.

By saying "fanboys" I do not mean fans of Sony's console who love their exclusive franchises, I refer to the rabid fud spreaders who stalk any slightly positive Xbox article and pull it apart.

Its sad, embarrassingly retarded behaviour like this that, ten years ago, placed our hobby as a child only pastime.

sadly it appears that half the people on this site are children or, at least, act like them....

MysticStrummer3480d ago

It's not about seeing a positive XB article and pulling it apart, it's about correcting people who see a positive XB article and start making outlandish claims.

The truth isn't FUD.

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hello123480d ago

Another thing directx12 is for the xb1, devs have said it and so has Microsoft. Two devs have already stated the x box 1 only uses 1 core for gaming properly. directx12 uses all cores for xb1, improving performance greatly.