Titanfall: Expedition Review | High-Def Digest

When two out of three of the maps are this good, it's hard to complain.

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GoPanthers9991614d ago

Totally agree. Lots of talk about $10 for DLC, blah blah blah. I look at it this way, do you love the game, for me and my son YES, do you want more YES, drop the $25 for the Season Pass and enjoy more of what you love. I really believe the hater camp is composed of either PS4 fanboys, people who play shooters for the campaign (lol) and people you see getting like 2 kills and 12 deaths in matches. This is hands down the best shooter available right now.

LexHazard791614d ago

I just played this game for first time at my friend. That game is fanfuckintastic and that was on Xbox 360. I told myself dont play it, wait for the One. I will buy Xbox One and this will be ths game I get for it along with NBA2K14.