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"There’s no drug use in Drakengard 3, but there’s plenty of shameless innuendo (in her endo, am I right?) and skimpy clothing to make up for it, including some of the most depraved talk I’ve ever heard come from my PS3. And all of it wrapped around a mediocre game that’s just interesting enough to keep playing, but also enough that telling people you played it is limited to a “need to know” basis."

~ Kevin Schaller, GameRevolution

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Wedge191614d ago

Looks like this will be a "pass" for me. I'm interested in spending my time with good high quality games. This one feels... mediocre at best.

ftwrthtx1614d ago

Doesn't sound like something I want to play.

acharlez1614d ago

Sadly. And I loved the first two. :(

acharlez1614d ago

I have such fond memories of the original.

knifefight1614d ago

I'm getting it because I am in love with the universe. Nier was like, my favorite game of the generation.

dbjj120881614d ago

I still need to play Nier :(

DCfan1614d ago

After my experience with Killer Is Dead, i can no longer give any review for a game a chance.
That game is one of my favorites last gen, and im sure this one will be a close one too