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"Bound By Flame's main problem is that it's a mid-range title that's been priced at almost full retail. Everything is sort of half-baked, from the writing to the art, to the population of the world it creates. Nothing feels fully nuanced, and some quests, especially early in the game, feel as if they were rewritten halfway through with their opening gambits left unchanged."

~ Blake Peterson, GameRevolution

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Wedge191611d ago

I don't think this is one that I will be spending my time with at all. It seems decent, but I just have too much else to play.

knifefight1611d ago

It's a pretty middle of the road RPG I'd say. I just wish it were released for $30 instead of $50. That seems like the more appropriate price tag to me.

JonnyBigBoss1611d ago

This game is pretty disappointing.

dbjj120881611d ago

Waiting for a price drop.