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Chris Carter: "The Drakengard series doesn't often see the light of day. I had the good fortune of playing the first two games nearly a decade ago, and although they always stay in the back of my mind, it never really comes up in the conversation of games I'd like to see brought back to life.

But here we are nearly 10 years later with Drakengard 3, and I have to say, I love what Access Games has done with the formula."

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nope1111612d ago

WOW. I wasn't expecting a 40+ hour action game! i am excite.

izumo_lee1612d ago

It looks like judging by the reviews the game is either a love it or hate it game. You either like Dynasty style games or you don't.

I for one loved the originals on the PS2. Nier was kick ass & under rated as heck. It's morbid, violent, humorous & doesn't take itself seriously despite the tone of the game.

Can't wait for the collectors edition from Squarenix. Already downloaded the Japanese voice pack so i'm good to go.

miyamoto1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

Ah Destructoid!

in this days and age i really like simple games and consume it fast with lots of fun

this will be my long awaited Panzer Dragoon Saga fix on my brutally overused yet beloved work horse PS3.
No thanks to Sega!

kevnb1612d ago

but its so much better than the dynasty warriors games Ive played.

sypher1612d ago

Still waiting for mine to arrive! So cant wait to get my teeth into this. And then play Drakengard and Drakgengard 2 again after. Considering this is a prequel after all.

I know they are a little old, but still wish they would do a HD re-release of them. Or some kind of Drakengard collection in future, with 1,2,3 and Nier and all the DLC's (dream collection right there!)

Run_bare1612d ago

I love Nier, it's an experience like any other in gaming. Story and Musical score are a joy.

Never play the first 2, and i can't wait to get my hands on this, hopefully my copy will ship today from Play Asia.

Jubez1871612d ago

I feel like these guys never give a low score