Wolfenstein: The New Order - Xbox One vs. PS4 Graphics Comparison

Watch a new video showing a graphics comparison between the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Wolfenstein: The New Order.

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corvusmd1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Wow the game looks great. The differences on either system is EXTREMELY EXTREMELY minor, however the XB1 version actually looks sharper in most cases that there is a the nurses' face in the beginning, the skin on his hand holding the knife, the details on some of the guns. Again IT'S SUPER SUPER SUPER minor, and really doesn't mean anything, it's ONLY noteworthy because it appears to be the first multi-plat where the XB1 version actually has the edge. I know many are going to pretend they don't see it, or blame the video (it's the same video), or say that I'm simply being a fanboy troll...not the case, I still think resolution arguments as a whole are overrated and there is nothing here to change your mind about whichever console you get it looks GREAT on both...again it's only noteworthy because it's the first multi-plat to go the other way.

It could just be something to do with the video capture, and this isn't set in stone, and it's only based on this one video...

Please watch the video before you just hit disagree...

pedrof931666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Did you really stated that ?

Have you seen the video quality ?


0:49 - Xbox has more aliasing than Ps4, that is clear.

Webbyy1666d ago

Idk Guys..They look same to me..if there are some differences. I cannot really tell.. :-/

Both looks great.

ShinMaster1665d ago

PS4 has shown better anti-aliasing in most cases.
And @ 2:14 muzzle flash lighting reflecting off surfaces on PS4.

That said. They look the same. And not all that impressive overall.

BallsEye1665d ago

You gotta be sh!ttin me. Take off your fanboy glasses. They look identical except XO has better contrast in few scenes, nothing major. ALIASING IS EXACTLY THE SAME, pretty easy to count aliased lines on same elements as edge of a gun or a crack in the wall that light goes through. No difference there. Great job devteam!

Kavorklestein1666d ago

I agree with you. Almost 100 % identical. But in addition to the thing you mentioned, If you look at the last shot where it shows the close-up on the crosshair dot, the ps4 one is more aliased, and less sharp.
Most of the pictures and items in the world also had a 1-2% sharper portrayal on the xb1 version.

I sometimes wonder if it's been harder to get games to run 1080p on XB1 because it ACTUALLY does a more true representation of 1080p, and maybe the PS4 blurs or artificially sharpens with a filter to attain 1080p.

I'm probably wrong, but it seems like 1080p is the pixel count but the techniques used to get that many pixels on screen/at a certain framerate require a different amount of actual power to get there.

Like I said I'm probably wrong, but it would be interesting to see if there's any merit to that idea.

And there was also more pixel crawl around objects when standing still on PS4.
But I don't even really care, I think with the game looking so identical that there is no reason to even give a shit about the 1-2 % difference. Or the 5% difference on most multiplats where PS4 looks better.

torchic1666d ago

not at all surprised by this post.

wcas1666d ago

I did notice that in the planes machine gun turret scene that the muzzle flash was realistically reflecting off of objects in the PS4 version but not at all in the X1 version. It's easily noticeable.

reaperofsouls1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

i saw that at about 2.14 mins

nosferatuzodd1665d ago

they sharpen the xbox to hide some of the flaws look at call of duty same thing

larrysdirtydrawss1665d ago

wrong on all accounts,,,and the only reason its as close as it is,is because of parity and parity only

UltraNova1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

The game looks identical, and I will give the edge to the Xbox as it is sharper overall.

Which begs the question how on earth we have such a result when one system has nearly 50% more GPU power?

This is when I say I agree with you.

Tsar4ever011665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

If you want to see how this game REALLY looks in HD, instead of these stupid GIF and half ass pics, just go watch the full review of W:NO game on IGN, it's the PS4 version they are showing, make sure you blow up the screen to full, this is how the PS4 version really looks.

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gamer11381666d ago

Very hard to tell with the compression on this video but they look identical. Not that it matters much. This game is so much fun!

No_Limit1666d ago

Looks the same as expected. Might get this for the XB1 when it is on sale in the near future.

ADECENTBOY7771666d ago

I don't see any difference, but I do not care about games for all consoles. I need next gen and this game has not delivered the graphical fidelity I was looking for, because it's not for next gen only.

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