H-Hour Worlds Elite Hostage Video

David Sears and his team at SoF Studios have graced us with yet another gameplay mechanics video for the spiritual successor to Socom I and 2, H-Hour: Worlds Elite. This new video shows us the hostage situation with Primrose as the star.

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DEEBO1638d ago

WOW! if had a choice in games socom would be the game i would sink money in if i was sony.just stick with you're roots,socom didn't need a reboot.this was the game that put playstation 2 online on the map.the seal side had it hard trying to get to chopper with the hostage. man rigging the rooms with mines,using hostage's as shield. good times

totallysane1638d ago

very good times. played that shit everyday man

morganfell1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

Agreed on SOCOM. I can't think how many nights we burned up on a mere 3 maps - Sujo, Sandstorm, and the king of maps if you can win as a SEAL - Enowapi - playing Breach mode. Winning Enowapi as a SEAL was a serious victory to be celebrated. That is why most Enowapi vids are from the Terrorist side.

Nice, clean Sujo video. Damn this brings back memories.

I always ran the Feral skin in Sujo and you could hear that high pitched Frag Out!

Nothing in SOCOM 2 like the sound of an M14 running except for the dreaded M3 Shotgun.

But in this video the character movement animations really need some work. Far too fast and bouncy. And I do not mean fast as in netcode jerkiness but the charcter movement speed itself. SOCOM characters had weight. And though you could jump in SOCOM it also had a feeling of mass to it.

Tetsujin1638d ago

I never was able to play the original Socom 2 online, only Confrontation and 4 (which I thought were ok for what they were). I just hope there's some sort of offline story mode for those of us who want to learn the game better (I read they talked of it and rumors mentioned dlc for story mode).

This is on my watch list for 2015, an actual tactical shooter is something I'd welcome for the PS4.

Surt1638d ago


TedCruzsTaint1638d ago

This shows a lot of promise. With both PC and PS4 support, I hope to see this one do well.

WeAreLegion1638d ago

So excited!!! I can't wait to play it.

StockpileTom1638d ago

I need my fix... I need it... this needs to be funded ASAP...

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The story is too old to be commented.