5 Microsoft Franchises That Need To Return

Zach of B-TEN discusses which classic Microsoft-owned franchises he'd like to see make a comeback on the Xbox One. Including legendary series' such as Age of Empires.

incendy353483d ago

Ha, I had forgotten about Brute Force. Terrible game. Personally I would love to see Kameo make a comeback, I thought that game was so much fun, great character too.

Mech Assault and Crimson Skies were two other games I really enjoyed from their past library.

christocolus3483d ago

Kameo, crimson skies and mech assault couldn't have said it better.

jmac533483d ago

Agreed, came in expecting to see Crimson Skies on that list and was disappointed. I had so much fun with that series, if they announced a new one I would rush out and buy an Xbox One.

Gozer3483d ago

I would add Chromehounds to that list. It was ahead of its time for its unique online MP campaign. It would still hold up today imo. FROM Software is known for their unique takes on online MP. Chromehounds is a feather in their hat imo.

HugoDrax3483d ago

Hahaha I actually finished Brute Force lol. I would like to see KAMEO make a return, I think I have 1000G for that game. I would have to check, but I did finish it some years ago.

Dannyh3483d ago

Agree with your list, also midtown madness and rally sports

MultiConsoleGamer3483d ago

1. Crimson Skies
2. Crimson Skies
3. Crimson Skies
4. Crimson Skies
5. Crimson Skies

Gamer7773483d ago

I just bought that game a few months back. I'm excited to play on my Xbox Original.

ONI53483d ago

What people don't realize is that Crimson Skies did come to 360 in the guise of a Snoopy Flying Ace.

Why o why3483d ago

That game wasnt bad at all. Pity it had to be snoopyfied but it was playable.

Crimson skies...... like ive been saying ALL last gen, that and Otagi I think, ninja demon type game

Gamer7773483d ago

I want to see Conker, Perfect Dark (rebooted)and Mech assault return.

REDBEARD3483d ago

All of RARE franchises need to return.....


Spikes14713483d ago

I rather have them stay with Microsoft then Nintendo. I'm not really in for seeing multiple Banjos in 1 year (like Mario). Or Nintendo dying platform, the Wii U.

REDBEARD3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

BK games with Nintendo: Diddy Kong Racing, Banjo Kazooie, Banjo Tooie. Classic games under an actual gaming company

BK games with MS: Nuts and Bolts and......... skins for Minecraft?
An underwhelming title under a company who have no business in gaming. (refering to Nuts and Bolts. Minecraft is awesome)

Yeah, the ignorance is worse here than I thought. Don't even get me started with the amount of great games with Nintendo/RARE compared to the so so games with M$/RARE.

I made this comparison before. Like Lex Luthor, MS is obviously not a great ''gaming'' company. DRM and the destruction of RARE is evidence of that. Yet, people still believe they could change. Nintendo wouldn't pump out Banjo like COD like you assume. So you rather have a bad Banjo game (or none) under a non game maker than an actual great game under a developing company who have made excellent critical acclaim games that doesn't grow old in its gameplay functions? Jeez, gamers these days have become truly gullible.

I wish it was the 90s. Yeah, we had fanboys back then. However, we ENJOYED games. We had no worries, and Nintendo fans would share their experiences with the SEGA fans and Sony fans. They would they do the same. Now, the shit has hit the fan. Fans attacking one another and other bullshit. I wouldn't even be like this if it wasn't for M$ destroying one of my favorite developers. One of the only companies that gave me closure when I needed it the most. I do blame Nintendo and RARE themselves, but M$ have done shit to give this company any sort of relevancy in today's market. They were once a powerhouse before like Naughty Dog is now.

You are telling me you wouldn't want to see Banjo Kazooie in Smash Bros. If he was still with Nintendo, he would have been a guaranteed inclusion. Most of his fanbase is with Nintendo. RAREWARE's fanbase is with Nintendo. Look at the sales if you doubt me.

RAREWARE! You will be missed! :(

(f**k this bubble mechanic that N4G have shackled onto our necks. And who in the hell thought the agree and disagree feature would be a great idea. ''Yeah, it is kind way to make you feel like shit'' when fanboys on this pitiful site disagrees with you. LOL)

azure19903483d ago

Phantom Dust bring that back