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Logan Moore writes: "At this point, I’m starting to wonder if TellTale will ever make a mistake with one of The Walking Dead games. Every time a new episode releases, my initial reaction is pretty underwhelming. However, after I finish the each episode I am always left with my jaw on the floor. By the end of In Harm’s Way, I experienced the same jaw-dropping feeling that further cements TellTale as the master of episodic gaming."

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Skate-AK1617d ago

Ahh my backlog is too big. I haven't even finished Episode 3 Season 1.

Miss_Vixen1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

You really should go through the walking dead games first, since they're relatively short compared to other games ^_^

Skate-AK1617d ago

I try. Just so many. Have had Tales of Xilla and Tales of Symphonia for weeks but haven't started them yet.