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bolharr22502528d ago

Interesting review! Much zombies, so walking

elazz2527d ago

The biggest problem for me was that I couldn't relate to a 12 year old girl in regard with the decisions and conversations that I make happen ingame as I'm an adult guy. Therefore I preferred the first season however the ending of this one left huge possibilities for season 3 that I'm eager to find out more about.

That was the only problem I faced because in the end I really enjoy TellTale games and especially the Walking Dead.

DoomeDx2527d ago

Agreed. I also didn't like her voice acting very much.

BenRage32527d ago

Everyone's a critic these days. I wish people could just sit back and enjoy video games instead of trying to find every possible flaw and marking it on some kind of checklist. Sometimes I feel we spend too much time looking at what's wrong with a video game instead of focusing what was done well.

I enjoyed season 2, and felt like it was well worth the money I spent on it. Nuff said.