YouTube Buying Twitch Could be Bad for Content Creators

GeekParty writes: "Now, they’re one big step towards being able to comfortably sit on their laurels and rake in the dough. In the age of a horrendous, automatic Content ID system sparking false copyright claims left and right and stealing from the pockets of content providers, that’s bad news. It’s even worse news if you believe that said Content ID system will now encroach on Twitch traffic."

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XisThatKid3232d ago

This can get kinda #$%^ed up...:/

Milesprowers3232d ago

Google screwed up Youtube commenting system, now they gonna stick there Google dick up Twitch.

fenome3232d ago

They screwed up a lot more than just the commenting on Youtube too. Developers of games and people who hold the IP have gotten caught up in because it was totally random. If something is copyrighted they could just flag your video and stop it from playing until people figured out if it was okay or not at their leisure.

If they try to bring the Content ID system to twitch it just won't work at all because every single thing streamed is copyrighted material.. I just don't see this acquisition as being a good thing no matter how I look at it.

I like twitch more than I like Youtube as far as gaming goes, but I've already seen a big increase in advertisements since the launch of the new consoles. I can't even imagine what'll happen if Google and Youtube swoop in on them too..

aLiEnViSiToR3232d ago

Bye twitch :[ damn greed it will ruin us all !

AgentSmithPS43232d ago

I like your happy alien. Please use your fancy tech to free us from the evil overlords.

AgentSmithPS43232d ago

This might be the worst thing that's happened since dice got into bed with ea and became a bottom boy.

I don't want ads for things I'll never buy popping up over my twitch cleavage gals ;).