Learn Japanese with Video Games

If you happen to like video games AND you are learning Japanese, you are in a great situation. You can start playing games to practice Japanese.

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capitanandi1705d ago

Excellent stuff. I'm convinced to try some of these out and get back to learning finally after it intimidated the hell out of me recently after a class.

StockpileTom1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

Hmm... At this point I am decent with spoken language but helpless with the written. My only motivation to learn it is for games so I don't have to wait on translations. I suppose it's time for the do it anyway approach?

DemonChicken1705d ago

This one probably help

great idea, which is why I ahev also backed it :p

muttsurini1704d ago

Goodluck at memorizing more than 2000 kanji characters