Games for Budget Gamers

A list of games for people who are working with a limited budget from Gamer Assault Weekly.

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uth113484d ago

I would throw "Don't Starve" on this list. Only $15, but it's so addictive, I can't stop playing it.

Mega243484d ago

that game is so addictive, and scary at the same time, damn hellhound always get me around 20 days :P

uth113484d ago

I think my record is day 26, but yeah, I haven't learned to fend off more than 2 hell hounds at once yet.


Best Short Games on Xbox Game Pass

These are the best short games on Xbox Game Pass. They offer a variety of different experiences that can be enjoyed without commitment.

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JagX22112d ago

Wouldn't the answer here be ... all of them?

99d ago

Coming to Xbox Game Pass: Broforce Forever, Everspace 2, A Short Hike, and More

Megan Spurr writes: "My favorite announcements are those coming soon, especially when “soon” means “right now” (looking at you Celeste!). We have hikes, we have Bro’s, kingdoms, and space, and more, so let’s get to the games! "

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VenomUK122d ago

It's now time for somebody to go up to Xbox Live Gold whilst it's fast asleep, then hold a pillow tight over its mouth until it stops breathing.

crazyCoconuts122d ago

This is game pass though. Doesn't seem that much better right now.

Profchaos122d ago

Looking at the quality of games mixing the two up in this case it's an easy mistake to make

BrainSyphoned122d ago

I forgot Everspace 2 released so I'm happy with this month.

Profchaos122d ago

Well I guess we know where all that gamepass money is going right into a giant s labelled bucket

DeusFever122d ago

Microsoft is spending $70B on Activision. That doesn’t leave a lot left over for other AAA games.

monkey602122d ago

I've really wanted to play A Short Hike and Airborne Kingdom for a while now so it's cool they've been added but yeah I don't see this exciting the masses

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The Highly Rare Castlevania: The Arcade Preserved; Becomes Playable On PC

Konami's highly rare Castlevania: The Arcade has finally been preserved, and everyone can soon get to play it for free.