Sony Rep Noel Silvia - PSN Cards are coming

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B1ack_Mage | May 29th, 2008 at 8:57 pm


You seem nice enough to actually respond to us (which is a breath of fresh air). Any word on the PSN cards? They were promised for a spring release, and spring is over in a few weeks. I haven't seen them anywhere.

I also agree with Mugen02, more PSN avatars would be appreciated.

Noel Silvia replied on May 29, 2008 at 9:05 pm

PSN Cards are making their way to retail stores, and some have already been spotted in the wild. Your best bet is to check with your local store and ask them for when they're set to come in for a more specific date at that location.

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Mr_Kuwabara5594d ago

I haven't gone to my local Gamestop so I guess I'll check and see when I get the chance. PSN games, here I come!

Sev5594d ago

Off topic:

You gotta give a lot of respect to Noel Silvia, even with all the people complaining on the blog, Noel still manages to answer fans questions politely.
He is definitely one of the people at Sony who DOES actually care about the FANS, us gamers.
When questioned about why he answers our questions...

"I answer because, first and foremost, I’m a gamer, and if I was sitting where you are, I’d want to know that someone on the “other side” was listening and passing along my thoughts, ideas, frustrations, elations, and everything in between.
This blog opens up a great dialog and, even though I’m just a “pizza guy”, I still talk to the “mechanics”.
I’ll pass along the concerns and see if we can get some “red replies” from the “mechanics” when they’re not too busy “working in the garage”."

juuken5594d ago

I'm definitely purchasing one.

Swiftfox5594d ago

Bloody Hell! The Hunt is on!!

poopsack5594d ago

nooooo Im broke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sev5594d ago

Ive gone to many stores looking. Havent seen any yet.

But they are on their way.

A member of the PlayStation LifeStyle forums, said they have access to a Sony retail training site, that gives retailers info on PlayStation products, the PSN cards were recently added, but then later taken off the page. So they are coming soon.

Oh wait he is also on N4G. DevonTheDude... Havent seen him around in a while though.

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