Make it a (Virtual) Reality: Iron Man

VRFocus - “I am Iron Man”. It’s as simple as that, really. You have a helmet over your head, a computer system pointing our targets and the power to fire an alarming array of missiles and lasers as you fly at incredible speeds across cities, deserts and oceans. You need only look at the legions of alien invaders or defunct tanks and they’ll explode into pieces thanks to a handy shoulder-mounted rocket or wrist-mounted laser.

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Neonridr1708d ago

VR Iron Man would be fantastic. Great ideas.

randomass1711708d ago

Oh my god that would be AMAZING! How about a VR Star Fox? Kinda like Star Citizen but more... Nintendo.

Godz Kastro1708d ago

Wow, that would be so freaking awesome. MS needs a VR headset so we can talk to Jeevus through our Kinect!

corvusmd1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

This would be an Awesome VR/Ar type game if done right...huge potential there. Someone that will treat this right should look into it. If they did this in the vein of Prototype (or the millions of like games), but first person. Jarvis talks to you and you have a HUD, and to check your health you look down at your chest..

@Godz Isn't it Jarvis?

Cryptcuzz1708d ago

Yes, I believe it is Jarvis.
I am not the biggest fan of Iron Man in general, but I did enjoy the movies enough to remember Iron Man's trusty AI was called Jarvis.

There is so many possibilities with VR and one good idea that I can see would be fun, enjoyable and make sense is an Iron Man VR game.

randomass1711708d ago

Imagine playing as Hawkeye with VR. That would be sick!

Skate-AK1708d ago

That would be cool. Although hard to do.

randomass1711708d ago

Any clever developer and new tech can make it happen. Twenty years ago the Wiimote would have been hard to do as well. ;)

isthe1708d ago

VR Iron man would be amazing! VR spiderman would be pretty sick too, if not a little disorienting