LEGO Star Wars II Interview

This fall, LucasArts will bring LEGO Star Wars II to every game console currently on the market. From Xbox 360 to the Nintendo DS, no gamer will be without the Force of LEGO and Star Wars. Loz Doyle (Producer, Traveller's Tales) and David Perkinson (Producer, LucasArts) take us through the creative process.

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Jay da 2KBalla5827d ago

Wonder why its not coming out for ps3........

OutLaw5827d ago

The same here, I notice that.

Dukester1015826d ago

the article says for "every" console currently on the market. it just failed to say specifically for the PS3. it ranges from the 360 to the DS.

to be more accurate, they should have said, the xbox360, ps3, and many other consoles.

OutLaw5826d ago

Even at the bottom of the page. where it said more product information. Not one of those links show a PS3 link.

USMChardcharger5826d ago

i wish lucus arts or bioware or someone would come back out with a serious (or mature) game that retales the original movies.

rocky50001005826d ago

They need to start making games for just the next gen systems otherwise the games will never be at their full potential. Just look at oblivion, just for the 360, and its one of the best games i ever played. I dont care too much for the ps3 but they should make this game for the ps3 and 360 and Wii