USA Weekly 5/10/2014

Platform - Weekly (change) - Total
PS4 - 45,385 (-6%) - 3,239,308
XOne - 44,632 (-11%) - 2,916,551
3DS - 25,192 (-6%) - 12,356,194
X360 - 13,769 (-5%) - 42,810,200
WiiU - 10,736 (-2%) - 2,435,958
PS3 - 8,005 (+2%) - 26,119,764
Wii - 3,405 (-8%) - 41,523,134
PSV - 1,955 (-13%) - 1,754,752
PSP - 629 (0%) - 19,803,561

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gobluesamg3712d ago

XOne is hanging in there huh.

tuglu_pati3712d ago

Will the Kniect-less Sku push the Xbox One ahead of PS4 in June in NA? This is gonns be interesting.

HighResHero3712d ago

At least until VGChartz revises their numbers.

mikeslemonade3712d ago

As someone said earlier the system sku should push X1 ahead for a couple months and then it will come back to normal. Because PS4 is the still the standard first system to own for multiplats and they are adding more software during E3 will be better than what the Xbox front is offering.

darthv723712d ago

Wii-u deserves better. but with so many stuck in the heated debate over xb1 and ps4 they fail to realize there is genuine fun and entertainment available on the little system.

Support MK8 and get a free game in the process. Yeah, that was a shameless plug but if people stop arguing for a moment...put down the keyboards and pick up a wii-u controller they might actually smile while playing a game of SMBU.

PSA over...now back to your regularly scheduled bickering.

Death3712d ago

Way under-rated console. Can't wait to pick up Mario Kart and pummel my kids.

GodGinrai3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

"Can't wait to pick up Mario Kart and pummel my kids."

LOL, thats just evil! You gotta let em win once or twice...you know how kids get, when they dont win.. LMAO!!

I remember beating my two nephews over and over at tekken...didnt speak to me for the rest of the day!

GiggMan3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

@the realness.

I believe in pummeling the kids lol. It teaches them humility and to win or lose with grace if you're lucky. That is until they get old enough to destroy you.

My son wrecks me sometimes and definitely rubs it in my face lol.

darthv723712d ago

when it comes to games, I play to win. If they want to win they need to play better than me.

I have an advantage of 30+ years experience and I dont win all the time. Especially on newer games that they are able to pick up and play quicker. But give me an old school beat-em up or platformer...hell yeah i stomp their azz.

It makes a dad proud to see his kids evolve into gamers themselves when i teach them the roots of this fine way of life.

morganfell3712d ago Show
Highlife3712d ago

Mario kart alone justifies a purchase of the wiiu. And yes I love pummeling the kids in this game. I don't let them win they have to earn it. Now when we play basketball outside that's a different story I am just so much bigger is unfair but in gaming there really aren't any advantages.

Why o why3712d ago

yeah yeah....pummelling people ...I can get with that. young or old... guy or girl...its all fair.. plus love mario kart. double dash was my thing

BX813712d ago

@ death
Lmao, you're the parent blocking your 5 year old's shot in the drive way and smack talkin! When you play Mario kart you tell them " if you ain't first, you're last".

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Yaay4me3712d ago

Not in real life if past VGchart numbers indicate a trend. The truth is they do seem to undertrack Playstation numbers until the official numbers come out and the cycle of undertracking begins anew after the adjustment.

Majin-vegeta3712d ago

SMH here we go again with VG.

Doesnt NPD drop today??

majiebeast3712d ago

Yeah for April, i bet asschartz is off by 50+K units in favor of PS4.

AceBlazer133712d ago

I bet they are off by wayy more than 50k , your underestimating just how wrong vgchartz can be.

XiSasukeUchiha3712d ago

Again, PS4 might actually have competition in the USA next month.

FITgamer3712d ago

Yeah they readjusted their April numbers though. The original numbers had Xbox One ahead by about 10k.

PS4- 231,302

Xbox One-218,309

GribbleGrunger3712d ago

It's going to get ugly on the VGC forums tonight. I have my avatar ready.

majiebeast3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

GAF is gonna be hilarious with the meltdowns, im thinking 1.5:1 for PS4 atleast.

@Brazz work email adresses and adresses provided by your internet provider work.

Brazz3712d ago

Offtopic: hey! About Gaf, how can i make a registration? they are requesting a "Non-free e-mail" and say that you can't make a registartion whit gmail, hotmail. do you guys know a E-mail service that i can use?

GribbleGrunger3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

1.5:1 is a safe bet. I think you'd get decent odds on 2:1 but it would be a risky (but possible) bet.

Brazz3712d ago

thank you for the inf.!

doolin_dalton3712d ago

"im thinking 1.5:1 for PS4 atleast."

Are you referring to April NPD? How will that, in any way, be related to this article, which is about May sales?

Oner3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

@ Brazz ~ I believe if you are using any type of broadband (DSL, Cable etc.) that you can use the email from the service provider, or even a school email I believe.

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GamerXD3712d ago

Really ugly when NPD drops the real stuff. Btw your avatar is cool imo.

doolin_dalton3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

After the past seven years of denouncing it, it's absolutely hilarious to see Sony fans not just looking forward to NPD, but actually referring to it as "the real stuff". 180 indeed.

What happened to the years of hearing "NPD can't be trusted because they don't track Amazon or Walmart"?