Mario Kart 8's Best Easter Eggs

GameXplain: "We explore some secret details and Easter Eggs hidden in Mario Kart 8's tracks! These include some surprisingly cool details, secret N64 references, and more!"

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Dchops1711d ago

So many amazing details in these tracks! They truly bring the game to life.

rivencleft1711d ago

Man, 4 games this month preordered, breaking the bank! Bound by Flame, Wolfenstein, Watch Dogs, and Mario Kart 8, definitely can't wait for 8, especially with the free game you get registering it with Club Nintendo, definitely makes it worth it.

BattleN1710d ago

@andresegers I cant play any of your video's on my WiiU but if I go to youtube it works. What video player are you using for these video's?

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