74% of American Gamers Prefer Discs Over Digital

IGN: A majority of core gamers in the United States still prefer physical media when the game costs the same as the digital version, according to The NPD Group.

The global information company revealed the information in its latest report, called Core Gaming 2014, in which NPD claims there are over 34 million American people who average playing games five-plus hours per week on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. And the company believes these stats will increase as people adopt the newer home consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

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xHeavYx1621d ago

I've always preferred physical disks, I guess I'm old school

GarrusVakarian1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Me too, i'll probably go this entire gen using physical copies for the vast majority of my games. I just like having something physical that i can do what i want with. I trade in most of my games too, so it's a no-brainer for me. Although, even if i didn't trade in my games, digital game prices are still ridiculous, so i wouldn't switch anyway.


iamnsuperman1621d ago

I find game discs a nuisance. It is far more convenient to have it all there on the hard drive and a better option for the impulse buys (I don't need to go to a shop or wait for it to be delivered).

However, at this current time console digital prices are just insane. They are not good or competitive enough which results me going back to discs (despite me preferring going all digital)

darthv721621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

I like physical media to digital until.....the physical media no longer works. I have been experiencing disc rot on some of my older games and DAMN...they arent easy to come by these days.

Obviously newer games are made with different media quality standards and should hold up over a longer duration but it is just disheartening to have a collectors piece that now doubles as a coaster.

Digital isnt without its downfalls as well. Hdd crashes being the obvious one but thankfully i like how all content is tied to your profile. Swap out the hdd and just set the system to dl all your stuff overnight.

On a side note...can anyone tell me what is the procedure for playing a physical game that has been installed to the hdd of the xb1 & ps4. do you still need the physical disc for verification? I dont have either of the new systems.

BlackTar1871621d ago

To each their own.

Kids will be digital going forward for the most part. They have grown up with Digital everywhere so i don't blame them much less think they're doing anything wrong.

if the company like MS and SOny pull out of the console business then what are the odds on keeping those games? Or what if they don't support previous digital buys like the new consoles? This is only a negative if they had backwards compatible systems though.

mikeslemonade1621d ago

Get with the times. The only problem I have with digital is their as many good price deals.

sonarus1621d ago

having the disk copy is all fine and dandy but the CONVENIENCE for me is way too much to pass up most times. If its a game i know i will play a lot i will have to go digital because taking it in and out of PS4 is just unnecessarily inconvenient for me. I made the decision i would rather give my games out for free than trade them in for 5bucks at gamestop a while ago so digital works for me best

MysticStrummer1621d ago

"Get with the times"

Change isn't always for the better.

Give me physical copies. Digital copies will have to be substantially cheaper and also tradeable/sellable for me to jump on board that train.

Saying physical copies are a "nuisance" is really bizarre to me.

johndoe112111621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )


"because taking it in and out of PS4 is just unnecessarily inconvenient for me"
It depresses me how lazy we as a society have become where taking an extra 30 seconds to do something seems like a hassle.

Edit: this is not a direct attack at you by the way, I'm speaking about the general public.

MRMagoo1231621d ago

Digital games to me just seems weird, i dont know how to explain it clearly but digital just isnt real if you know what i mean, there are just too many pros to give up on physical copies. I cant sell digital games or share them , i cant keep them as collector items and sell them later on for much more money than they where worth, digital is just not right to me because you never actually own it.

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cl19831621d ago

I look at it as actually owning something compare to having access to a item. With physical you always own until you resell it. While with digital you have access till they block it by shutting down it's servers.

xHeavYx1621d ago

Yeah, but on the other hand, if the physical disk breaks you are screwed, but you can still download a copy of the game if you get it digitally

cl19831621d ago

@ HeavY

I've always been able to get a company to replace my broken disks, so I've never actually lost out of a game.

MRMagoo1231621d ago

I guess i have been lucky to not ever have a broken disc , i have 2 kids one is 2 and the other is 9 and still all my games are in perfect condition including my original PS1 games such as FF6,7,8,9 and a bunch of other games, they also get used so its not like i bury them away somewhere.

badboy7761621d ago

Sports game I prefer Digital because I won't sell them for some time. And by the time I am ready to sell them they aren't worth S***.

Sprudling1621d ago

I'm 35 years old, but I will never buy another disk if I can help it.

PS3Freak1621d ago

I buy whatever's cheaper.

Got tales of symphonia chronicles on ps+ for 10 when it was still 40 on amazon and others.

Plus digital takes up no physical space. Moving thousands of miles away from home has made me appreciate digital. However i've got no problem with physical.

shinrock1621d ago

Im old school too but i hate going to the game store.

3-4-51621d ago

I'm the same way.

I like the cover, the case, the instruction booklet, the details within including the pictures and concept art.

I also tent to prefer reading actual books rather than ebooks as well, but I know not everybody is like that.

Physical discs/cartridges that come in a box......there is just something unique and special about it.

MRMagoo1231621d ago

its just plain better that way. Another pro is that you can sell them for a lot of money if you keep them long enough, i got $120 for one of my copies of FF7 a year back if that was digital that wouldnt happen.

starchild1621d ago

I used to prefer games on disk just as I used to prefer my music on CD, but I now prefer digital music and digital games. I have a huge library of music available on my PMP at the touch of a button and I also have a huge library of games on my PC that are only a mouse click away. The convenience trumps any nostalgia I might have had about physical media. Besides physical media takes up space and I can use all the space I can get.

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lemoncake1621d ago

I don't like discs but i usually buy them for console games because they are considerably cheaper than the digital version.

1621d ago
Jrmy841621d ago

I want to be able to keep a $60 product times an entire game collection. Besides if you go digital as others stated they shut down servers bye bye games.....

kewlkat0071621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

I went all D.I.G.I.T.A.L. and not looking back...

Xbox go to "insert game here" is all I do now.

No more fussing with disc, getting raped at gamestop, and loosing space on the disc rack.

@BlackTar187 - I've been gaming since 1986 and have had about 80% of all consoles release since. New consoles have come out and I have enjoyed the games I have bought for the time period I've played them.

I have never worried about consoles going out of business and me not being able to retain my Disc. What good is it to me if these gaming companies are no longer around.

I can still game on PC and I'm no collector. I know some are.

BlackTar1871621d ago

What if MS pulls out of the console business or Sony? Are you guaranteed to retain ownership? i don't think so.

Pandamobile1621d ago

Gamers of today aren't super forward looking. I would never go fully-digital on a console because I simply don't trust Sony or Microsoft enough to provide a good long-term service.

At the very least, in the event of some catastrophic disaster that permanently kills Steam, I can rest easy knowing that I can always torrent the games that I lost.

BlackTar1871621d ago

agreed panda.

TBH Steam is the only Digital games vendor i trust.

Sure i've bought Digital games thru Xbox and PS but if they somehow take them away or go away or something I won't pretend to be surprised or offended. Same with Steam the thing is i truly believe steam isn't going anywhere and you never really have to worry about them cutting you out of a past gen purchase becasue PC is a machine that isn't reliant on Gens.

Outside_ofthe_Box1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

***"At the very least, in the event of some catastrophic disaster that permanently kills Steam, I can rest easy knowing that I can always torrent the games that I lost."***

Lets not pretend that you don't torrent some games from time to time already lol. :D

BlackTar1871621d ago

uhh kewlkat,
"I have never worried about consoles going out of business and me not being able to retain my Disc. What good is it to me if these gaming companies are no longer around."

Well if you have the disc and the company goes out of business then well, you still have the disc and system. You can still play 99.9% of all games using this method.

The problem is maybe not for you since i guess you never play old games on old systems but some people do. To those people you're thinking is very selfish and poisonous to the collection or hobby they have.

I still play some snes games every 3 yrs or so. If it was digital and not supported i wouldn't be able to get that.

Anyways to each their own.

kewlkat0071621d ago

"Anyways to each their own."


1620d ago
anwe1621d ago

I would guess it has something to do how digital content is handled here. Digital cant be sold or traded in, and far too often the price of the disk version will go down over time while they still charge full price for the download.

I personally prefer digital, but will gladly purchase a physical copy when I can save money by doing so.

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