This is how much time the average gamer spends playing games every week

Now that anyone with a smartphone and a commute could be considered a gamer, it’s harder than ever to separate the casual players from the die-hard loyalists. In its latest report, The NPD Group describes “core gamers” as any individuals who spend more than five hours a week playing games on a home console (such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One), a Windows PC or a Mac. By these standards, there are currently over 34 million core gamers in the United States, and they are playing video games for an average of 22 hours every week. That sounds like a lot, but keep in mind, gaming can be a diet… of sorts!

Meltic3484d ago

1-2 hours is enough for me Daily i try. i got a wife and a job too. It takes time too. I Think if u live with ur parents u got more time. And i got a wife who loves to cuddle.

darthv723484d ago

you can't outrun your responsibilities. be it to your family, your job or even yourself. but you can still make time for a little entertainment. I do my gaming on saturday and sunday mornings before the wife and kids get up.

Its about the only time i can have the tv to myself. Man it sucks getting older but you learn to appreciate the little things more and more.

DeathOfTheFanBoy3484d ago

I mostly work from home so I have the opportunity to take breaks and have a quick 20 minutes here and there, either gaming or playing guitar. I rarely go over 2 hours a day though.

I also have a wife and 3 kids, if I still worked a regular job I wouldn't game at all, or very rarely.

WeAreLegion3484d ago

Does that include Jetpack Joyride in the bathroom at work?

Holy crap. I just realized that could be taken one of two ways.

Skate-AK3484d ago

Some rough Mexican food huh?

Miss_Vixen3484d ago (Edited 3484d ago )

Depending on the day, I usually game for about 1 hour or maybe longer. I try to balance out my work schedule, but have to at least game once a day.

rextraordinaire3484d ago

Hmm but that depends if I have a shiny new game or just a backlog to clear.

If I have a brand new game, I can easily play 3 hours a day (That's when I really have nothing else to do, such as being with friends or my boyfriend or cleaning the house etc...)

I play much less when it's about my backlog... Maybe something like 1 hour a day when there's nothing on TV.

shammgod3484d ago

when youre young, you have all the time in the world, but no money to buy all the games you want.

When youre old, you have no time to play, but you have the resources to buy more games.

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PS5 Currently Fastest Selling Hardware ($ Sales) in US History, DualSense Leads in Accessories

The NPD Group states that the PS5 is now the fastest-selling hardware platform in US history (in terms of $ amount), while the DualSense leads all dollar sales for accessories.

Silly gameAr991d ago ShowReplies(4)
darthv72991d ago (Edited 991d ago )

On one hand this is great news for Sony (a sale is a sale), but on the other I am still without one and millions of others are as well. So thank you scalpers... Sony appreciates all you do for them.

(yes I'm bitter that i still can't buy a PS5)

HICK991d ago

I don't think Sony appreciates it because scalpers aren't buying games or subscribing to PS+ which is where Sony makes the most money. Scalpers are costing Sony money at the moment as is confirmed by the jump in sales of Spiderman when new stock drops in UK and real buyers get PS5s.

Sunny_D990d ago (Edited 990d ago )

Actually the fact scalpers are still buying up PS5’s means that they are still selling like hot cakes to people who are willing to pay extra for a PS5. If no one was buying from scalpers, then they wouldn’t continue to buy up all the stock. So in the end (it doesn’t even matter), it’s most likely still going to a unique user who will buy games for the system.

andy85990d ago

That's just because more in general get them when more stock is released. I'd be willing to bet that 99% of launch day consoles have been turned on by now. All the scalped consoles will be in the hands of true gamers because the price is steadily falling, it just sucks they have to pay extra for the privilege

Muzikguy990d ago

Scalpers are costing Sony money for sure. They should just start releasing to physical stores so this can be remedied (and I can get one)

Army_of_Darkness990d ago

In store ps5 purchases only! Make it happen! Like the good old days...

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 990d ago
Sayai jin991d ago (Edited 991d ago )

That sucks. I was able to buy enough next gen consoles for friends and family...like 6 PS5s and 3 digital, 8 Series X, and 5 Series S. I have a few for me also. Got a 3080 as well. Injust need another one for my son's rig. Guess i got lucky back at launch. Hope everyone gets one soon.

UltraNova990d ago

What the hell man, are you trolling?

anast990d ago

I like your work.