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Applejack2278d ago

Some pretty good deals here but this is for Europe only.

djplonker2278d ago

Yeah they need to put "eu" or "na" in the title... eu didn't get those 0.99 flash sales awhile back :(

user14394142278d ago

PS Nation are here again giving the FANS what they want. XoXoXo

Tiqila2277d ago

I dont get it Sony, why do you treat the vita like that??? I love my vita but there has never ever been a good deal on the psn store for a vita title I was faintly interested in.

UltimateMaster2277d ago

Pretty nice, but I got what I needed.

jacksons982277d ago

They had some nice deals two weeks ago for Vita during their Golden Week sale. I picked up several games Y's, Persona, Muramasa and Chrono cross.

cellur1112277d ago

They weren't that exciting.

Yi-Long2277d ago

Was thinking about picking up SoulCalibur 5, but it's not the complete version (including DLC), so I won't bother.

Other than that, I seem to have most of the stuff I would want.

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nowitzki20042278d ago

Soon MS will copy the discounts too.... or do they do that already.

AceBlazer132278d ago

Think they announced it yesterday. Xblg members will now have discounts like PS+ along with the subscription model. So they don't keep their games when their gold runs out.

InMyOpinion2278d ago

I'm a happy PS4 owner now but one thing I experienced MS did better when I gamed on the 360 was their deals.

The deals for the PS4 have been meager so far, to put it nicely.

Blink_442278d ago

Why would you care if they copied Sonys strategy? It's good for consumers.

jacksons982277d ago

I've gotten Resogun, Contrast, Don't Starve, Stick it to the Man, some other crappy game, and Outlast all free on PS4.. Don't think Xbox One owners have anything like that.

nowitzki20042277d ago


Yeah resogun was surprisingly great and addictive. What was free on xone?

InMyOpinion2277d ago

I meant discounts, as in lowered prices for selected games.

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Kurt Russell2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Two sports titles with a minimal following outside of the US dropped to a still unreasonable 45 quid... At 20 I may have been tempted just to play a bit of 2 player here and there... no chance at that cost.

Baka-akaB2278d ago

Wow the list of deals blows compared to what we've seen with us flash and spring sales lately .
Especially when i remember the Atlus sales in US .

And on PS4 really ? you can't afford even a meager 10 off on decent retail games ? Nba live wich no one wants and Madden with the new one looming over ?

TRS_Gear2278d ago

Why is Europe always getting these sick deals? What about the folks in the States?

djplonker2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

killzone:sf is also $84 on the psn store in europe... na always has better sales and cheaper prices overall


speedforce1312278d ago

We have our share of bad sales too and no we don't have cheaper prices overall. Not for people living here.

To you, it seems like that, because your money is worth more than ours. Everything is cheaper in your eyes.

Baka-akaB2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

Still it's not about just "importing" digital cheaper thanks to rate exchange .

There are deal more often , especially from publishers that dont even have an european office .

Today's list is still quite a few stuff that was already free in the instant collection , very old , or not really that cheaper with sequels incoming . BAre a few exceptions of course .

Instant collection stuff is usually better in EU , but the sales ? Nah

Ghost_Nappa2277d ago

$84 What the actual fuck????

Eonjay2278d ago

There are literally hundreds of deals.

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