Rumor: Contents of the Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo’s Press Conferences and Demos Leaked

Gamnesia: "The user has provided a document containing lists of games for the Big 3, even including titles that either have never been announced or have a never-before-seen names. Many titles on the list are highly anticipated, including the next Legend of Zelda title and EA's new Star Wars game."

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Christopher3425d ago

If at all true. Microsoft has a winning E3 planned.

Something tells me this is just made up, though.

Neonridr3425d ago

Battlefront 3 exclusive will cause quite the stir I would imagine.. ;)

Christopher3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

I doubt that and BG&E will be exclusive. But, it will be on their stage and likely will already have deals for exclusive release time and/or content.

The problem is, Sony won't really be showing anything new. And, Watch_Dogs? On stage after its release? What a waste of time.

Nitrowolf23425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )


it's not the first time though that a game already released was demoed at the following E3.


I know, even that demo last year was disappointing because most people had their hands on it already. Really hoping this list isn't true though, or at least incomplete. It looks fake

Christopher3425d ago

@Nitrowolf2: I know, but... still... what a waste.

I think they demoed a game on stage last year that was just released, but at least it was first-party and the end of a generation era. But, when people are looking for all new stuff in the first year of your new console? That's not a good sign at all.

AngelicIceDiamond3425d ago


Well MS said They have some big announcements and and are willing to do anything to make the show great.

I'm not implying it is exclusive considering this game is way to big to belong on one platform.

But the way MS operates I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up being an exclusive or at least timed.

Seeing how Phil is willing to do just about anything and knowing MS money hatting track record.

It could very well happen. If true then EMBRACE FOR IMPACT.

Mikeyy3425d ago

There is no way battlefront 3 is exclusive. By your logic destiny is exclusive.

Neonridr3425d ago

@Mikeyy - who's logic? Maybe I should have wrote "would" instead of will. I didn't say I believed this list. But we already know that Destiny is on multiple platforms, we haven't heard a peep yet about Battlefront.

truefan13425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

I prefer the other fake lists.

pedrof933425d ago

I call this a BULL****

Sony only showing 2 new games ?

Not even Morpheus makes an appearance ?

No vita games ?


VforVideogames3425d ago

Look at that list for Nintendo I think is going to win this E3.

BlackTar1873425d ago

BattleFront exclusive for xbox.

Conference for Sony by EA saying we're neutral.

DLConspiracy3425d ago

There was a rumor with some game in the Star Wars franchise being on Xbox One. So who knows.. I don't really think Xbox One wouldn't talk about their upcoming TV shows at the event. That wouldn't make sense. So.. We shall see.

lociefer3425d ago

i would be seriously bummed if this is true,, both are lacklusters, i mean, where's guerilla's new ip ? the last guardian ? sony london's game ,, and miscrosoft arent showing any surprises

HugoDrax3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

"There is no way battlefront 3 is exclusive."

Why would you doubt that? I recall playing Star Wars Obi Wan Kenobi exclusively for XBOX.

I never played that other exclusive KINECT Star Wars game. It could be exclusive! simply because there has been exclusive Xbox Star Wars games in the past. Who knows, we will just have to wait till E3.

Anyhow, the one game that caught my eye was (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night 2 (3DS). I'm a fan of the original, and beat it on my PS1 and XB360 :-)

showtimefolks3425d ago

i want to believe this list but just can't when it doesn't have Uncharted 4 or GG's new IP on it. Both of which are pretty much confirmed for E3 showing or atleast trailer

before E3 we will start to see more of these rumors popped up, i don't usually believe on any of them till i see it for myself. Plans are always changing

In the last so called Leaked sony had 2 conferences depending on what MS will show so who knows what to believe

but fun time right now just enjoy it and E3 should be a lot of fun

maddskull3425d ago

@cgoodno this list is most likely fake because first of all in the confrences they don't have lists of what they will show and second of all battlefront will most likely be shown at the ea confrence also beyond good & evil.
The title xenogears can't be used by Nintendo or any other studio because the ip is owned by square Enix this list is just lies there might be some true things but most of it are lies.

guitarded773425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Fake... these lists are ALWAYS fake. Watch Dogs will be out already, so why would Sony even be showing it?

I think a couple of you miss the boat on Battlefront and BG&E. Just because it's shown on XBOX or PS stage doesn't mean it's exclusive. They are both multi-plats.

Sometimes games are shown on the EA or Ubi stage and also on the MS and Sony stage too. This is normal.

Deputydon3425d ago

"Xenogears: Origins"

Hahahaha. That right there shows this is fake. Another Xenogears game will never be made. That's almost like saying another Chrono Trigger sequel is in the works.

Braid3425d ago

I wouldn't keep my fingers crossed, anyone with a basic knowledge of Word could come up with such a table, print it and take a picture to make it look authentic.

gaffyh3425d ago

If these are true, which I doubt, both conferences seem extremely boring. MS' is showing 90% of games that have already been announced, and Sony's is pretty much the same. Hope it's not true.

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headwing453425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

All sequels and no original IP's? I call B.S

BG115793425d ago

If true, than it's just disappointing.

mkis0073425d ago

There are thing missing that we already know will be there, like GG new IP... fake list big time. Nothing new from Sony? Showing Watch Dogs 2 weeks after release?

us_army3425d ago

This is definitely false, some key missing games that I know are being announced from both sides

Allelujah003425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Plus Sony is showing Gameplay of Watch Dogs almost 15 days after the game is already out? They have shown a trailer of games already released before a conference, but they have never done a stage demo of the game. So unless they will be announcing a Watch Dogs PS4 DLC exclusive i call bs on this.

Also no mention of games like Deep Down or Guerilla's new IP.

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christocolus3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

That list seems made up. I can come up with something similar or even a lot better. The e3 logo was pasted on a plain sheet of paper and the guy typed all that in.gears of war started development in january and i doubt they will have a gameplay reveal in just 5months. Rare is going to be at e3 but they aint on that list either,what about the rumored partnerships Phil talked about or the new ips and unexpected announcements..MS will also push the division really hard at the show since they have a deal with ubisoft..but I'm not seeing all that in here..so i kind of doubt it.

But if it is real....then we are definitly going to have one hell of a show.

AngelicIceDiamond3425d ago

@Chris I was thinking the same thing.

Look how backwards this is.

"Halo 5 tech demo for Xbox One"

"Gears of War 4 gameplay for Xbox One"

Should it be flipped around?

Everyone knows Halo 5 is way more ahead in development then Gears. Gears is still in its early stages.

It has to be fake.

liquidhalos3425d ago

Yeah i call made up too. I dont see all 3 companies having their secret E3 reveals and plans all nicely lobbed onto 1 sheet of paper courtesy of a planner at E3. I guess were all going to have to wait for E3 for the real stuff. I personally cannot wait. It should be a great expo for ALL consoles this year

Sarxblade3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Yes this list is 1000% horse crap. I mean first thing I busted out laughing about is a gameplay demo for gears of war 4, and a tech demo of halo 5.... A gameplay demo of gears of war 4 and a tech demo of halo 5... Lmao. That's what gave this list away for me as being 100‰ false.
Actually this list should be listed under "humor" for giving me such a good laugh not rumor, lol.

Nitrowolf23425d ago

I think it's made-up or at least not the full thing, just becuase it really doesn't list 'new' titles that are rumored. there will be at least 1 new IP from each company