How is Killzone Mercenary Bot Zone Mode

Killzone Mercenary has been recently updated to allow Killzone Mercenary owner the ability to play the multiplayer maps and game modes of line. Which allows for you to enjoy all the action to be had.

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Remy_S2353d ago

Botzone is a nice addition, but it kills me that we still don't have an ad hoc mode. Seriously, how hard is it to include local multiplayer for vita games? Far too many titles lack this once commonplace feature. I would even pay just to have the mode.

Th4Freak2353d ago

Do you call this an article? What a joke...

welly3002352d ago

Anythin that brings attention to the best handheld shooter is a good thing.

Th3o2352d ago

It's really fun, I play it on Subway sometimes. The bots can be really cheap sometimes though have near instant headshots!

mayberry2352d ago

Great game! Will get botzone soon, as I have no wifi at work yet! I.T. said its coming, but its been 8 months....