PS3 vs. Wii: Head-to-Head

During one fateful autumn weekend, the entire gaming landscape will change. On Friday Nov. 17, Sony unleashes the long-awaited PlayStation 3, a pricey cutting-edge console packed with next-gen features. Then, two days later, Nintendo delivers its innovative Wii, a so-called "new-gen" console that emphasizes creative gameplay over high-end visuals. With two massive launches assaulting the already crazy holiday shopping season, no gamer is safe from these monsters' wallet-destroying impact.

1up is here to help determine whether either of these launches warrants your cash and effort. While these two consoles may initially seem wildly different (the PS3's price tag starts at twice that of the Wii, after all), a few startling similarities put them in direct competition: Both feature free out-of-the-box online access and revolutionary motion-sensing controllers that fundamentally alter how you'll be playing games from here on out. But which launch will have the bigger impact? Which console has a better launch lineup? What about the software outlook for next year and beyond? Is any of this worth camping out overnight for?

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MicroGamer4446d ago

Sony made the same mistake this time around that Microsoft did last time. They packed too much content into the console that most people probably don't need. All that extra crap ended up putting the PS3 price into the stratosphere. If Microsoft comes through on the rumored price reductions, then Sony is going to end up as the odd man out as both Nintendo and Microsoft outsell the PS3 by wide margins. Microsoft is probably in the best position of the three. They can lower the price of the XBOX 360 core system to stay competitive with Wii and lower the price of the premium system to shoot down the PS3 before it even gets off the ground. Put your money on Microsoft to come out on top this round. Both Nintendo and Sony are past their glory days.