Hauppauge Game Recorders Now Fully Compatible With PS4

T1 - Hauppauge Digital announced today support for PlayStation 4 with the latest firmware update from Sony.

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XiSasukeUchiha1625d ago

Can't wait for more PS4 support!

Christopher1624d ago

Technically, PS4 now compatible with Hauppauge Game Recorders. Hauppauge didn't do anything, Sony did.

GamerzElite1624d ago

Lol, but true. not only Hauppauge but others too... Elgato, Avermedia, Blackmagic....

isthe1624d ago

The PS4 just keeps getting better

Septic1624d ago

This was the case when the update kicked in rrmoving HDCP protection. So why is this news now?

I tested my HD PVR Rocket at the time. Works a charm with the PS4.

candy_mafia1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Forgive a (video capture) noob if this question seems dumb, but...why is a dedicated capture device needed?

Now that Share Factory is available with editing, commentary and music support. I understand you can even place raw footage on your PC and use any (theoretically) editor.

Then isn't it just a case of saving your work to a USB (or direct from PC), and then uploading to Youtube, or am I missing something here?

SonyNGP1623d ago

Higher quality recording, and editing options isn't limited to one application. Not to mention that some people like using their own equipment for recording and streaming.

candy_mafia1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

But isn't Share Factory 720P/30fps, and is that not the limit on Youtube?

It would make any higher quality (1080P/60fps) capture redundant on Youtube...right?

Ok I agree people like to use their own equipment to stream/capture, but my question that we have Share a external capture device needed?

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